Historical Events For Year 1982

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January 6, 1982

The Freeway Killer of California is discovered as being William Bonin. Read More

January 8, 1982

An agreement of separating into 22 subdivisions is made by the AT&T Corporation. Read More

January 17, 1982

The Northern United States experiences Cold Sunday as a burst of cold air swept down from Canada.
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February 2, 1982

Syria experiences the beginning of the Hama Massacre. Read More

February 25, 1982

A ruling over teachers who cane, belt or tase children without the permission of their parents is declared to be against the Human Rights Convention by the European Court of Human Rights.
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March 10, 1982

An embargo is put on Libyan oil imports by the United States upon the supposition that Libya is supporting terrorist groups.
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March 29, 1982

The Canada Act 1982 receives Royal Assent in order to create a foundation for repairing the Canadian Constitution.
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March 29, 1982

Best Picture of the 54th Academy Awards is won by the film Chariots of Fire. Read More

May 5, 1982

Vanderbilt University's computer science department experiences the explosion on a Unabomber bomb.
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May 30, 1982

The 16th member of NATO becomes Spain as they enter the alliance as the first nation to do so since 1955.
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June 8, 1982

The first chief executive of the United States to address a British Parliament's joint session is President Ronald Reagan.
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July 12, 1982

The production of automobiles is ended by the Checker Motors Corporation. Read More

August 4, 1982

A vote is taken by the United States National Security Council to formally disapprove Israel upon their troops still being in Lebanon.
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August 13, 1982

Cigarette packets requiring health warnings are made into written law in Hong Kong. Read More

August 17, 1982

Germany releases the first compact discs, known as CDs. Read More

September 21, 1982

The United Nations declares the first international Day of Peace. Read More

October 1, 1982

Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center is opened for the first time to the public as the second largest theme park.
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October 1, 1982

The first compact disc player is released by Sony. Read More

October 13, 1982

The Ford Cortina is replaced by the Ford Sierra in Europe. Read More

October 27, 1982

Homosexuality is decriminalized in Northern Ireland for people who are 18 years or older upon the ratification of the Homosexual Offences Order.
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November 13, 1982

The dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. takes place upon the march of thousands of veterans to it's site.
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November 20, 1982

The formation of the General Union of Ecuadorian Workers occurs. Read More

November 30, 1982

The album Thriller by Michael Jackson makes it's debut, becoming the biggest selling album ever.
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December 7, 1982

The first lethal injection performed in the United States takes place in Texas. Read More

December 26, 1982

The computer receives the award of Man of the Year by Time Magazine, the first time something other than a human has received this award.
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