Historical Events For Year 1977

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January, 1977

A demonstration of the Commodore PET, the first computer containing keyboard, screen, and tape storage, is given at Chicago's Consumer Electronics Show.
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January 3, 1977

The incorporation of the Apple Computer occurs. Read More

January 19, 1977

The pardoning of the Tokyo Rose by the President of the United States Gerald Ford occurs.
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February 4, 1977

The debut of the album by Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, that goes on to win a Grammy Award occurs.
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March 8, 1977

Queen Elizabeth II of Australia forms the Australian Parliament. Read More

March 10, 1977

The discovery of the rings of Uranus occurs. Read More

April 8, 1977

The first album of the punk band The Clash debuts in the United Kingdom. Read More

April 11, 1977

The Silver Jubilee busses begin transportation in London. Read More

May 25, 1977

Star Wars the movie makes its debut in theaters, later becoming the highest grossing film of this era.
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June 26, 1977

The last concert performed by Elvis Presley is made at Indianapolis' Market Square Arena.
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June 30, 1977

The United States B-1 Bomber program is cancelled by President Jimmy Carter for a time, until it is reinstated during the Reagan Administration.
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July 13, 1977

The Ethio-Somali War begins upon the declaration of war on Ethiopia made by Somalia. Read More

July 24, 1977

The last concert performed by the band Led Zeppelin in American takes place at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.
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August 4, 1977

The United States Department of Energy is formed upon the signing of a legislation by President Carter.
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September 3, 1977

The first all-in-one computer, the Commodore PET, is sold for the first time after being demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier in the year.
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September 7, 1977

The United States and Panama sign treaties implementing an agreement to transfer control of the Panama Canal back to Panama.
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September 21, 1977

The singing of a Nuclear-non proliferation pact takes place, having been signed by 15 countries.
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October 20, 1977

A plane crash leaves three band members of Lynard Skynard dead near Mississippi. Read More

October 21, 1977

The formation of the European Patent Institute occurs. Read More

November 1, 1977

Charlie Kowal makes the discovery of the first known Solar System asteroids referred to as 2060 Chiron.
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November 8, 1977

Harvey Milk becomes the first elected official to be openly gay, holding the position of City Supervisor in San Francisco, California.
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November 30, 1977

A formation of a specialized agency of the United Nations, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, occurs.
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December 20, 1977

The United Nations gain Djibouti and Vietnam as members. Read More