Historical Events For Year 1976

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January, 1976

Cray Research creates the first commercially manufactured supercomputer, the Cray-1. Read More

January 15, 1976

Sara Jane Moore, the woman who attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford, is found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.
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February 9, 1976

The Australian Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force combine to form the Australian Defense Force.
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February 11, 1976

Clifford Alexander, Jr. serves as the first African American Secretary of the United States Army.
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March 4, 1976

The British Parliament gains direct rule over Northern Ireland upon the dissolving of the Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention.
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March 27, 1976

The opening of the first few miles of the Washington Metro subway occurs. Read More

April 1, 1976

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak create the Apple Computer Company. Read More

April 13, 1976

The 233rd birthday of Thomas Jefferson is celebrated with the reintroduction of the two-dollar bill by the U.S. Treasury Department as a Federal Reserve Note.
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April 16, 1976

India mandates a minimum age for marriage in an effort to hinder the growing population, with men being required to be 21 years old and women 18 years old.
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May 11, 1976

The signing of the Federal Election Campaign Act by the President of the United States Gerald R. Ford occurs.
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June 1, 1976

The end of the Cod War between the United Kingdom and Iceland takes place. Read More

June 26, 1976

The construction of the CN Tower in Toronto is complete, making it the tallest free-standing land structure to date.
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July 2, 1976

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is established upon the unification of North and South Vietnam.
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July 31, 1976

The famous photograph taken by Viking 1, the Face on Mars, is released by NASA. Read More

August 5, 1976

The Great Clock of Westminster, otherwise known as Big Ben, is damaged and cannot function for almost a year.
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August 19, 1976

The nomination for the Republican Party is won by President Gerald R. Ford as he defeats his opponent Ronald Reagan.
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September 1, 1976

The advertisement of cigarettes on television and radio is banned in Australia. Read More

September 20, 1976

The formation of the International Organization of Space Communications, otherwise known as Intersputnik, occurs.
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September 25, 1976

A bulletin board posting for band members at a Dublin School by Larry Mullen, Jr. sparks the beginning of the formation of the band U2.
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October 4, 1976

A high-speed train is opened in the United Kingdom, known as the InterCity 125. Read More

October 18, 1976

The Fiesta car created by Ford Motor Company begins production at Ford's Valencia plant.
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November 26, 1976

The creation of the Warsaw Treaty Organization joint secretariat occurs. Read More

December 6, 1976

The Vietnam People's Army is joined by the former members of the Viet Cong upon it becoming disbanded.
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December 28, 1976

The death of guitarist Freddie King takes place. Read More