Historical Events For Year 1972

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February 2, 1972

The Provisional Irish Republican Army is supported by the Movement 2 June German militant group.
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February 2, 1972

A draft lottery is held in the United States for the Vietnam War, the last of which to be held.
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February 17, 1972

Sales of the Volkswagen Beetle beat the Ford Model T. Read More

February 18, 1972

The death penalty in the state of California is deemed as being void, transferring death penalties to life imprisonment.
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February 24, 1972

In an effort to protest air raids performed by the United States, negotiators for North Vietnam walk out of the Paris Peace Talks.
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March 1, 1972

The publication of the Limits to Growth report by the Club of Rome occurs. Read More

March 3, 1972

Sculptures of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson are put on display at Stone Mountain in Georgia.
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March 4, 1972

The signing of the Organization of the Islamic Conference Charter takes place. Read More

March 19, 1972

The signing of the Indo-Bangladeshi Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Peace occurs between India and Bangladesh.
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March 30, 1972

The suspension of the Parliament of Northern Ireland occurs. Read More

April 16, 1972

The launching of the Apollo 16 spacecraft occurs, later setting a record of lunar rover speed at 18 km/h.
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April 17, 1972

Woman are officially granted the opportunity to compete in the Boston Marathon. Read More

May 15, 1972

Japan gets Okinawa back after it had been controlled by the United States Military for 27 years.
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May 15, 1972

Arthur Herman Bremer shoots the Governor of Alabama George C. Wallace at a rally in Maryland, paralyzing him.
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May 26, 1972

The signing of the SALT I treaty, the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and a couple other agreements occurs between Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev in Moscow.
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June 17, 1972

The Democratic National Committee offices are burglarized by five operatives from the White House, all of whom get arrested in an event known as the Watergate Scandal.
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June 23, 1972

A taped conversation between President Nixon and his chief of staff is made as they discuss using the C.I.A. to interfere with the investigations of the Watergate burglaries by the F.B.I.
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July 4, 1972

A Rainbow Gathering occurs in Colorado for the first time. Read More

September 1, 1972

The United Kingdom and Iceland engage in the Second Cod War. Read More

September 14, 1972

Diplomatic relations are put back into place between West Germany and Poland. Read More

November 8, 1972

HBO makes its debut, only later to become the longest independent pay television service in the United States.
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December 7, 1972

Jean McConville is kidnapped in Belfast by the Provisional Irish Republican Army Read More

December 15, 1972

Equal pay is administered to women by the Commonwealth of Australia. Read More