Historical Events For Year 1971

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January 25, 1971

Charles Manson and 3 of his female followers are charged for the Tate-LaBianca case from 1969.
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January 31, 1971

The launching of Apollo 14 occurs, ending in a third lunar mission that touches down on the moon on February 5th, with the crew of Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa, and Edgar Mitchell.
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February 7, 1971

Voting rights in state elections are granted to women in Switzerland. Read More

February 8, 1971

The Nasdaq Composite, a newly invented index for the stock market, is presented for the first time.
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February 21, 1971

The signing of the Convention on Psychotropic drugs takes place in Vienna. Read More

February 27, 1971

The first procedures of abortus provocatus are performed by doctors in the first Dutch abortion clinic.
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February 28, 1971

A world record is set by Evel Knievel by jumping over 19 cars. Read More

April 1, 1971

Restrictions placed on owning gold is lifted in the United Kingdom. Read More

April 19, 1971

The sentence of the gas chamber is given to the Manson Family for following Charles Manson.
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May 3, 1971

60% of Americans claim to be against the Vietnam War, according to the Harris Poll. Read More

May 29, 1971

The opening of Six Flags Magic Mountain occurs in Valencia, California Read More

June 11, 1971

The first person to sit in the Australian Parliament that is indigenous to Australia is Neville Bonner.
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June 17, 1971

The United States War on Drugs is proclaimed by President Nixon. Read More

June 18, 1971

The first flights carried out by Southwest Airlines begin between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio in Texas.
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June 30, 1971

Government injunctions in the United States are ruled as unconstitutional by the publication of the Pentagon Papers by the United States Supreme Court.
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July 3, 1971

Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the band The Doors, dies in Paris, France. Read More

July 5, 1971

The voting age is reduced from 21 to 18 upon the certification of the 26th Amendment to the United States Constitution by President Nixon.
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July 15, 1971

A visit to China scheduled for 1972 is announced by President Nixon. Read More

July 17, 1971

A treaty is signed between Italy and Austria in an attempt to end an argument in South Tyrol.
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August 5, 1971

The formation of the South Pacific Forum occurs. Read More

August 15, 1971

The Bretton Woods system is ended when United States makes an announcement that it will no longer change dollars into gold at a fixed value, upon a declaration made by President Richard Nixon.
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August 21, 1971

The first known Shamu orca wale dies. Read More

October 1, 1971

The opening of the theme park in Orlando, Florida, Disney World, occurs. Read More

November 15, 1971

The Intel 4004 is produced as the world's first microprocessor. Read More