Historical Events For Year 1970

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January 21, 1970

The first commercial flight on a Boeing 747 is made on the Pan American Airways from John F. Kennedy International Airport to London Heathrow Airport.
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February 13, 1970

The release of the first Black Sabbath album takes place and has come to be known as the first true heavy metal album.
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February 26, 1970

The second generation of the Camaro is produced by Chevrolet. Read More

March 5, 1970

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is made effective after being ratified by 56 nations.
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March 7, 1970

A Solar Eclipse occurs in the Atlantic and is visible in southern Mexico, southeast United States, Nantucket, and Nova Scotia.
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March 16, 1970

The publication of the New English Bible occurs. Read More

March 20, 1970

The formation of the Agency for Cultural and Technical Co-operation occurs. Read More

March 21, 1970

The Mayor of San Francisco, Joseph Alioto, announces the first Earth Day. Read More

March 31, 1970

After being in orbit for 12 years, Explorer 1 returns to the Earth's atmosphere as the first American satellite launched by NASA.
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April 1, 1970

The advertisement of cigarettes on television is banned in the United States starting January 1, 1971 upon the signing of the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act by President Nixon.
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April 1, 1970

The population of the United States is reported as being 203,392,031 according to the 1970 United States Census.
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April 10, 1970

Paul McCartney makes an announcement that he is no longer a member of the Beatles in an interview intended to promote his first solo album.
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April 13, 1970

The Apollo 13 spacecraft experiences the explosion of an oxygen tank, resulting in the abortion of the mission and the return of the crew to Earth 4 days later.
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April 22, 1970

The celebration of the first Earth Day occurs in the United States. Read More

April 24, 1970

The launching of the Dong Fang Hong 1, China's first satellite, occurs. Read More

April 26, 1970

The formation of the World Intellectual Property Organization occurs. Read More

May 8, 1970

Let It Be, the twelfth album by the Beatles, is released as their last album. Read More

June 11, 1970

Anna Mae Hays and Elizabeth Hoisington become the first U.S. female generals. Read More

September 9, 1970

The first concert performed by Elvis Presley in 12 years is made at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Arizona.
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September 13, 1970

New York City hosts the first New York City Marathon. Read More

September 18, 1970

The death of Jimi Hendrix occurs in London, England as a result of complications due to drug use.
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September 21, 1970

The Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets play the debut game for Monday Night Football on the ABC television network.
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October 4, 1970

PBS replaces the National Educational Television network upon it ending operations. Read More

October 4, 1970

The death of Janis Joplin, a famous singer, occurs in Los Angeles, California due to a heroin overdose.
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December 31, 1970

A law suit is filed by Paul McCartney in an effort to dissolve the legal partnership between the Beatles.
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