Historical Events For Year 1969

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January 12, 1969

The first album by Led Zeppelin makes its debut for the first time. Read More

January 12, 1969

Madrid, Spain declares martial law, resulting in the arrest of 300 or more students at the University.
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January 20, 1969

Richard Milhous Nixon becomes the 37th President of the United States as he succeeds Lyndon Baines Johnson.
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January 30, 1969

The last performance made by the Beatles in front of a public audience is made on the roof of Apple Records in London, England.
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February 9, 1969

The maiden flight of the Boeing 747 occurs. Read More

March 3, 1969

The confession of Sirhan Sirhan in regards to killing the presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is given.
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March 10, 1969

James Earl Ray confesses to killing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee, later retracts his confession.
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April 4, 1969

The implantation of the first temporary artificial heart is performed by Dr. D. Cooley. Read More

May 15, 1969

An unknown medical condition leads to the death of a teenager in St. Louis, Missouri, only later in 1984 to be identified as the first case of HIV/AIDS in North America.
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May 26, 1969

The formation of the Andean Pact occurs. Read More

June 22, 1969

A drug overdose leads to the death of Judy Garland at her house in London. Read More

July 3, 1969

The musician and founder of The Rolling Stones rock band, Brian Jones, dies from drowning in his own swimming pool.
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July 25, 1969

The Nixon Doctrine in declared by the United States during the Vietnam War, initiating the expectation of Asian allies to handle their own military defense during the war.
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August 9, 1969

Charles Manson's followers kill Sharon Tate and her friends at Tate's house in Los Angeles, California, leaving the victims with 100 or ore stab wounds, and go on to kill two more people the next day.
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Aug 15–Aug 18, 1969

New York holds the famous Woodstock Festival that featured top musicians of that time. Read More

September 23, 1969

The testing of a nuclear bomb is made underground by China. Read More

November 10, 1969

NET, National Educational Television, later succeeded by PBS, premieres the first episode of Sesame Street.
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November 21, 1969

The formation of the first progenitor to the global Internet, the ARPANET link, occurs. Read More

November 24, 1969

The second manned mission to the Moon ends by the touchdown of Apollo 12 in the Pacific Ocean.
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December 1, 1969

A draft lottery Is held in the United States during the Vietnam War, the first of which to occur since World War II.
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December 4, 1969

A raid is performed by 14 Chicago police officers leaving two members of the Black Panther Party dead.
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December 24, 1969

The Tate-LaBianca murder trial is held, in which Charles Manson is given permission to defend himself.
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December 28, 1969

The First Spanish Methodist Church is taken over by the Young Lords in East Harlem, New York.
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