Historical Events For Year 1965

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January 4, 1965

President Lyndon Johnson announces the "Great Society" is his State of the Union Address.
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January 20, 1965

After serving the remainder of President John F. Kennedy's term following his assassination, Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in for his full term as President of the United States.
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January 30, 1965

Sir Winston Churchill's state funeral occurs, containing an assembly of statesmen that is larger than any other state funeral to date.
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February 12, 1965

The formation of the African and Malagasy Common Organization occurs, succeeding the Afro-Malagasy Union for Economic Cooperation.
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February 20, 1965

After photographing potential areas for astronauts of the Apollo program to land, Ranger 8 crashes into the moon.
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February 21, 1965

The assassination of human rights activist Malcolm X is takes place in New York City. Read More

March 17, 1965

A bill forming the basis for the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is sent to Congress by President Johnson.
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March 23, 1965

Gus Grissom and John Young are launched into orbit aboard NASA's Gemini 3 as the first two person crew.
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April 3, 1965

SNAP-10A is launched from Vandenberg AFB, California as the first nuclear power reactor in space and remains active for 43 days.
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April 5, 1965

Eight Academy Awards are won by the film My Fair Lady at the 37th Academy Awards. Read More

April 9, 1965

The statute of limitations is extended towards war crimes carried out by the Nazis by the West German parliament.
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April 29, 1965

In an attempt to support the South Vietnam government, an infantry battalion is sent to South Vietnam by Australia.
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June 3, 1965

The first United States space walk is made by Astronaut Edward Higgins White. Read More

July, 1965

The formation of the Commonwealth secretariat occurs. Read More

July 14, 1965

The first spacecraft to transit images of Mars is the United States spacecraft Mariner 4.
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July 30, 1965

Medicare and Medicaid are established through the signing of the Social Security Act of 1965 by President Johnson.
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August 1, 1965

Britain forbids the advertisement of cigarettes on television. Read More

August 6, 1965

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is made into law upon the signature of President Lyndon Johnson.
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August 31, 1965

Burning draft cards is deemed illegal by President Lyndon B. Johnson, with the penalty of up to 5 years in prison and a $1,000 fine.
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November 8, 1965

Royal Assent is granted to the Murder Act of 1965, establishing the suspension of the death penalty for convicted murderers in the United Kingdom.
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November 22, 1965

The formation of the United Nations Development Program as a specialized agency of the United Nations occurs.
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December 9, 1965

The annual tradition of the Peanuts television special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, premieres for the first time on CBS.
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December 15, 1965

The formation of the Caribbean Free Trade Association occurs. Read More