Historical Events For Year 1962

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January 1, 1962

The activation of the United States Navy SEALs takes place. Read More

January 4, 1962

A subway train that doesn't require an operating crew on board is released in New York City.
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January 24, 1962

Conscription is re-implemented by the East German Government. Read More

January 26, 1962

In an effort to study the moon, Ranger 3 is launched, but ends up missing it by 22,000 miles.
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February 3, 1962

An embargo against Cuba is made by the United States. Read More

February 4, 1962

The first newspaper to incorporate a color piece was the Sunday Times from the United Kingdom.
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February 7, 1962

Any imports or exports related to Cuba are banned by the United States Government. Read More

February 14, 1962

A tour of the White House is hosted by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and broadcast on television.
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March 19, 1962

Algeria commences an armistice, but still experience terrorist attacks by the OAS. Read More

April 9, 1962

Best Picture of the 34th Academy Awards is won by the film West Side Story. Read More

April 10, 1962

Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles holds the first Major League Baseball game. Read More

April 18, 1962

The United Kingdom removes free immigration from citizens of the member states of the Commonwealth of Nations through the Commonwealth Immigration Bill.
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April 26, 1962

The crashing of the Ranger 4 spacecraft into the moon occurs. Read More

June 25, 1962

Prayers being mandatory in public schools is declared as unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court.
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June 25, 1962

Photos of nude men are decriminalized by the United States Supreme Court, claiming that they are not obscene.
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July 2, 1962

The store Wal-Mart opens for the first time in Rogers, Arkansas. Read More

July 9, 1962

Andy Warhol showcases his Campbell's Soup Cans exhibit in for the first time Los Angeles.
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July 10, 1962

Telstar, the first commercial communications satellite, is launched by AT&T and goes activate the next day.
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July 12, 1962

The first performance by the Rolling Stones is made at the club Number 165 Oxford Street in London.
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August 5, 1962

The death of Marilyn Monroe occurs, having overdosed on sleeping pills. Read More

August 10, 1962

Spider-Man makes it's debut in a Marvel Comic strip publication that was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.
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August 15, 1962

The West New Guinea colony is traded to Indonesia by the signing of the New York Agreement.
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December 14, 1962

The first probe to make a successful transmission of data from another planet, Venus, is the United States spacecraft Mariner 2.
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