Historical Events For Year 1960

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January 6, 1960

Registration of political parties is permitted in Iraq by the Associated Law coming into effect.
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January 19, 1960

The signing of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security occurs between the United States and Japan.
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January 28, 1960

The expansion of NFL teams for Dallas and Minneapolis-St. Paul is announced. Read More

January 30, 1960

The founding of the African National Party occurs in Chad. Read More

February 5, 1960

Geneva, Switzerland holds the first operation of the CERN particle accelerator. Read More

February 9, 1960

The first Hollywood Walk of Fame Star is given to Joanne Woodward in Southern California.
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February 13, 1960

France's first atomic bomb is tested in the Sahara Desert of Alegria. Read More

March 5, 1960

An honorable discharge from the U.S. Army is given to Elvis Presley, relieving him of his duties.
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March 6, 1960

3,500 American soldiers are said to be sent to Vietnam to fight in the Vietnam War. Read More

March 21, 1960

South Africa's Sharpeville massacre occurs, resulting in over 350 people being either injured or killed.
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April 1, 1960

The first weather satellite is launched by the United States, known as TIROS-1. Read More

April 4, 1960

Best Picture, along with a record amount of other awards, of the 32nd Academy Awards is won by Ben-Hur.
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April 17, 1960

The Russwood Park stadium in Memphis, Tennessee burns down from a fire. Read More

May 3, 1960

The formation of the European Free Trade Association occurs. Read More

May 6, 1960

President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs the Civil Rights Act of 1960, making it an official law.
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May 9, 1960

Birth control is released by the Food and Drug Administration as the world's first approved oral contraceptive pill.
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May 15, 1960

Sputnik 4 is launched by the Soviet Union. Read More

June 1, 1960

The city of Auckland holds the first television station to be broadcast by New Zealand. Read More

July 11, 1960

The Pulitzer Prize winning novel, to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, is published for the first time.
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August 19, 1960

Sputnik 5 is launched by the Soviet Union and has two dogs, 40 mice, two rats and a variety of plants on board.
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October 14, 1960

The Peace Corps of the United States is conceptualized for the first time by presidential candidate John F. Kennedy.
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October 30, 1960

The first successful kidney transplant procedure is performed by Dr. Michael Woodruff in the United Kingdom.
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November 8, 1960

John F. Kennedy wins the presidential election as the second youngest elected President at the age of 43.
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December 27, 1960

A third A-bomb test is performed by France near Reggane, Algeria. Read More