Historical Events For Year 1955

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January 7, 1955

Metropolitan Opera in New York City has its first African American singer, Marian Anderson.
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January 22, 1955

The development of intercontinental ballistic missiles, better known as ICBMs, is planned by the Pentagon.
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January 28, 1955

Protection of Formosa by force from the People's Republic of China is authorized by the United States Congress.
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February 4, 1955

The signing of the "Baghdad Pact" as the Pact of Mutual Cooperation occurs. Read More

February 19, 1955

The formation of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization occurs. Read More

April 5, 1955

The resignation of Winston Churchill as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom occurs as a result of his ill-health and old age.
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April 12, 1955

The Food and Drug Administration approves the Salk polio vaccine after It's passing of mass trials.
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April 16, 1955

A state of war is ended by the Burma-Japanese Peace Treaty's coming into effect. Read More

May 1, 1955

The signing of the Warsaw Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance occurs.
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May 15, 1955

A neutral country is created by the Austrian State Treaty, restoring national sovereignty to Austria after World War II.
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August 27, 1955

The first ever publication of the Guinness Book of Records occurs in London. Read More

September 10, 1955

The television show Gunsmoke premieres on the CBS television network and continues to run for a long time.
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September 18, 1955

The island of Rockall is officially annexed by the United Kingdom. Read More

September 22, 1955

The first broadcast of the Independent Commercial Television occurs the in the United Kingdom.
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September 30, 1955

At the age of only 24, the famous actor James Dean is killed in an automobile accident near Cholame, California.
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October 2, 1955

The premiere of Alfred Hitchcock Presents is broadcast for the first time on the CBS network.
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October 4, 1955

The winners of the World Series is finally the Brooklyn Dodgers after defeating the New York Yankees.
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October 20, 1955

Elvis Presley's first filming occurs in the form of a short film about the disc jockey Bill Randle.
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November 1, 1955

The North and South Vietnam Armies begin fighting in the Vietnam War, in which the North is allied with the Viet Cong.
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December 1, 1955

The Montgomery Bus Boycott is started by the arrest of Rosa Parks for refusing to give up her seat for a white passenger in Alabama.
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December 4, 1955

The establishment of the International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations occurs in Luxembourg.
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December 31, 1955

The first American corporation to make over $1 billion in a single year is the General Motor Corporation.
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