Historical Events For Year 1953

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January 7, 1953

An announcement of the development of a hydrogen bomb by the United States is released by President Truman.
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February 5, 1953

The feature film Peter Pan by Walt Disney makes it's debut. Read More

February 13, 1953

After a successful reassignment surgery is completed on transsexual Christine Jorgenson in Denmark, she makes her return to New York.
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March 1, 1953

A stroke during a Soviet Union dinner renders Joseph Stalin partially paralyzed and unconscious until his death on March 5.
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March 8, 1953

The Bitch Wars is ended by the transformation of the Russian Mafia by the Thieves World.
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March 19, 1953

The first televised broadcast of the Academy Awards is held during the 25th Academy Awards.
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March 26, 1953

A pollo vaccine is made by Jonas Salk. Read More

April 13, 1953

The first James Bond novel, Casino Royal, created by Ian Fleming is published for the first time in the United Kingdom.
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May 15, 1953

The ICAO Council ratifies the Standards And Recommended Practices for Aeronautical Information Service.
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May 18, 1953

The first woman to break the sound barrier is Jackie Cochran with a speed around 652 mph at Rogers Dry Lake, California.
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May 25, 1953

The United States performs the first nuclear artillery test, the Upshot-Knothole Grable, at the Nevada Test Site.
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June 30, 1953

A manufacturer in Flint, Michigan produces of the first Chevrolet Corvette. Read More

June 30, 1953

The first ferry designed to carry wheeled cargo makes its voyage across the English Channel.
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July 9, 1953

The Internal Revenue Service is formed by renaming the previously known U.S. Treasury organization known as the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
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July 27, 1953

An armistice agreement is signed at Panmunjom, a village located between North and South Korea, ending the Korean War with the north remaining communist and the south remaining capitalist.
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August 8, 1953

The possession of a hydrogen bomb is announced by Prime Minister Georgi Malenkov of the Soviet Union.
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October, 1953

Random access memory is used commercially for the first time by the UNIVAC 1103 computer.
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October 5, 1953

Narcotics Anonymous holds it's first meeting. Read More

October 10, 1953

Washington D.C. holds the conclusion of the Mutual Defense Treaty between the United States and the Republic of Korea.
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October 30, 1953

President Dwight Eisenhower accepts the United States National Security Council top secret document that implements the maintenance of a nuclear weapon arsenal during the Cold War.
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December, 1953

The first issue of Playboy magazine is published in the United States by Hugh Hefner, which features Marilyn Monroe in a nude centerfold.
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December 30, 1953

For $1,175 USD, color television sets are sold for the first time. Read More