Historical Events For Year 1949

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January 1, 1949

The end of the two year Indo-Pakistan War is brought about by a ceasefire sponsored by the United Nations.
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January 17, 1949

A 1948 model Volkswagen Type 1 arrives in the United States for the first time and after only two are sold throughout the year, the success of the car in the U.S. is questioned.
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January 25, 1949

The Hollywood Athletic Club holds the first Emmy Awards. Read More

February 22, 1949

The opening of the indoor sports arena in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Cincinnati Gardens, occurs.
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March 17, 1949

The grand opening of the Glenn McCarthy owned Shamrock Hotel in Houston, Texas occurs. Read More

March 29, 1949

The 21st Academy Awards Best Picture is won by the film Hamlet. Read More

April 18, 1949

The Republic of Ireland is formed upon Irelands severance from the British Commonwealth.
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May 5, 1949

The Treaty of London forms the Council of Europe upon it's signing. Read More

May 6, 1949

The first working electronic digital stored-program computer, EDSAC, runs its first program.
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May 12, 1949

The Cold War's Berlin Blockade blocking access to sectors of Berlin from the Western Allies is lifted by the Soviet Union.
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May 23, 1949

The founding of the Federal Republic of Germany occurs. Read More

June 2, 1949

The Kingdom of Jordan is introduced as the Transjordan. Read More

June 24, 1949

Hopalong Cassidy airs for the first time on NBC as the first television western. Read More

July 1, 1949

The founding of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India occurs. Read More

July 19, 1949

The formation of the Kingdom of Laos occurs, but remains dependent on the French Army. Read More

August 29, 1949

The first meeting of the Council of Europe occurs. Read More

August 29, 1949

The first test of an atomic bomb, codenamed "Joe 1," is carried out by the Soviet Union.
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September 7, 1949

The formation of the Federal Republic of Germany occurs. Read More

September 23, 1949

An announcement of the atomic bomb tested by the USSR is made by U.S. President Harry S. Truman.
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October 1, 1949

The formation of the People's Republic of China is announced. Read More

October 16, 1949

A communist surrender ends the Greek Civil War. Read More

November 26, 1949

The constitution of India is adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly. Read More