Historical Events For Year 1946

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January 7, 1946

The Australian Republic is recognized by the Allies and divided into four occupation zones.
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January 17, 1946

The first session of the United Nations Security Council is held at Church House in Westminster, London.
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January 25, 1946

The American Federation of Labor is rejoined by the United Mine Workers. Read More

February 1, 1946

The first United Nations Secretary General is Trygve Lie of Norway. Read More

February 1, 1946

The Kingdom of Hungary is declared a republic. Read More

March 7, 1946

The Best Picture of the 18th Academy Award ceremony is won by The Lost Weekend. Read More

March 15, 1946

Independence is guaranteed by Clement Attlee to India upon their agreement on a constitution.
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April 1, 1946

The formation of the Malayan Union occurs. Read More

April 10, 1946

The first time women are able to vote occurs in Japan during the House of Representatives of the Imperial Diet elections.
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April 18, 1946

The mission of the League of Nations is transferred to the United Nations in the last meeting before it is dissolved.
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May 2, 1946

A riot arises as an escape from the Alcatraz federal prison is attempted by six inmates known as the "Battle of Alcatraz."
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June 6, 1946

The professional basketball league, the Basketball Association of America, is established in New York City.
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June 10, 1946

The Republic of Italy is announced. Read More

June 25, 1946

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, known as the World Bank, opens.
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July 7, 1946

A test flight for the Hughes XF-11 airplane ends in a near fatal crash in Beverly Hills when a propeller malfunctions, almost killing Howard Hughes.
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July 25, 1946

The first underwater nuclear test takes place by the United States as they detonate an atomic bomb, the Baker device, during Operation Crossroads.
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August 3, 1946

The first theme park opens in Indiana as the originally named Santa Claus Land, later known as Holiday World.
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September 8, 1946

Bulgaria becomes a People's Republic upon the resignation of King Simeon II. Read More

October 2, 1946

Bulgaria is taken over by Communists. Read More

November 4, 1946

The specialized agency UNESCO is founded in the United Nations. Read More

December 14, 1946

The specialized agency of the International Labour Organization is founded in the United Nations.
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December 20, 1946

The well-known film It's a Wonderful Life by Frank Capra and starring John Stewart premieres in New York for the first time.
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December 31, 1946

Hostilities in World War II are officially ended with the administration of Proclamation 2714 by President Harry Truman.
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