Historical Events For Year 1942

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January 1, 1942

An agreement is made between the United States, China, the United Kingdom, and the USSR in which they all agree not to make peace with the Axis powers separately.
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February 8, 1942

The first formal meeting is held by the head military leaders in the United States to discuss their strategy and participation in the war.
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February 20, 1942

The first ever "flying ace" was U.S. Navy Lieutenant Edward O'Hare. Read More

February 26, 1942

Los Angeles holds the 14th Annual Academy Awards, with Best Picture being won by How Green Was My Valley.
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March 9, 1942

The United States Army is reorganized into three different commands by the executive order 9082; the different commands being the Army Ground Forces, Army Air Forces, and Army Service Forces .
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March 17, 1942

The Belzec extermination camp, where around 435,000 people will be killed by the end of the year, opens in Poland.
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March 28, 1942

Saint-Nazaire gets raided by the British with the intention of putting an end to it's dockyard facilities.
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April 13, 1942

During the war, the minimum TV station program time requirement is reduced from 15 a week to 4 hours a week by the United States Federal Communications Commission.
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April 23, 1942

As retribution for the bombing of Lübeck by the British, the historic city of Exeter, England is bombed in what is known as the Baedeker Blitz.
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April 26, 1942

Adolf Hitler is declared the "Supreme Judge of the German People" after the dissolution of the Reichstag, the giving him power of each German citizen in terms of life and death.
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April 27, 1942

The Netherlands and Belgium follow suit with all other Nazi-controlled countries in establishing the requirement for all Jews to wear the Star of David.
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May 20, 1942

United States Navy accepts their first African-American seamen. Read More

June 1, 1942

War is declared on Germany, Italy and Japan by Mexico. Read More

June 5, 1942

War on Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania is declared by the United States. Read More

June 13, 1942

A propaganda center is opened in the United States as the Office of War Information. Read More

July 30, 1942

Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service is established as an all female sector of the United States Navy.
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August 8, 1942

The animated film Bambi created by Walt Disney is released in the United Kingdom, followed by its release in the United States on August 13th.
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August 22, 1942

War on Germany and Italy is declared by Brazil. Read More

September 10, 1942

Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron is established, employing female pilots to fly military aircrafts.
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October 18, 1942

In retaliation to the Allies, Commando Order is issued by Adolf Hitler designating German forces to execute all Allied commandos they come in contact with.
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November 26, 1942

New York City's Hollywood Theater holds the first release of the film Casablanca. Read More

December 1, 1942

The United States starts rationing gasoline. Read More