Historical Events For Year 1937

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January 19, 1937

A new record is made by Howard Hughes when he makes the flight from Los Angeles to New York City in just under seven and a half hours.
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January 20, 1937

Franklin D. Roosevelt is sworn in for his second term by Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, this first inauguration of which to occur on this date since being changed by the 20th Amendment in 1933.
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February 21, 1937

Foreign nationals are forbidden from fighting in the Spanish Civil War according to the Non-Intervention Committee of the League of Nations.
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March, 1937

The first publication of the longest continually published comic book, Detective Comics, is released, later introducing the character Batman.

March 17, 1937

The report made by private investigator Edwin Atherton on police corruption in San Francisco, the Atherton Report, is released.
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March 21, 1937

Waldo Waterman's Aerobile performs a flight as the first functioning flying car. Read More

May 27, 1937

The joining of San Francisco and Marin County by the Golden Gate Bridge provides a necessary connection, and is officially opened to pedestrian traffic.
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May 28, 1937

The Volkswagen Group in Germany is established.

May 30, 1937

The Memorial Day massacre occurs, consisting of the deaths of 10 unarmed demonstrators in Chicago who were shot by the Chicago Police Department.
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June, 1937

The painting Guernica by Picasso is complete. Read More

June 8, 1937

A total solar eclipse is visible in the Pacific and Peru, the first of which to last over 7 minutes in 800 years.
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July 1, 1937

The new constitution of the Irish Free State is accepted by a majority vote of the people.
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July 1, 1937

The legendary White River Monster is reportedly first spotted. Read More

July 2, 1937

The disappearance of Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan is announced after they set out with Earhart's goal of becoming the first woman to complete the flight around the world.
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July 5, 1937

Spam, the spiced and precooked ham served from a can, is introduced by the Hormel company.
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July 22, 1937

The proposal to increase the amount of justices in the Supreme Court is made by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, but is voted against by the Senate.
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July 28, 1937

An attempted assassination on George VI is made by the Irish Republic Army in Belfast in the form of a bombing.
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August 5, 1937

A campaign in the Great Purge aimed towards eliminating anti-Soviet elements in the Soviet Union is implemented.
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September 17, 1937

The head of Abraham Lincoln is added to those that are to be dedicated at Mount Rushmore.
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October 1, 1937

The United States Marihuana Tax Act is transformed into law. Read More

October 15, 1937

The first publication of the novel by Ernest Hemingway, To Have and Have Not, occurs. Read More

November 6, 1937

The Anti-Comintern Pact gains Italy as a member. Read More

December 11, 1937

The League of Nations loses Italy as a member. Read More

December 21, 1937

The first feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is created by Walt Disney and released in select theaters.
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December 29, 1937

The implementation of the new Constitution of Ireland comes into effect, transforming the Irish Free State into "Ireland."
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