Historical Events For Year 1936

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January 15, 1936

The Owens-Illinois Glass Company completes the first construction of a glass covered building in Toledo, Ohio.
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February 4, 1936

The synthetic construction of Radium E marks the first radioactive element to be manufactured.
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February 17, 1936

The Phantom superhero is released in the United States, being the first superhero to be depicted in the representative tight costume and mask.
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March 1, 1936

The Hoover Dam is finished being built. Read More

March 7, 1936

The Rhineland is reclaimed by Nazi Germany in a very overt violation of the Treaty of Versailles.
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April 19, 1936

An Arab revolt lasting 3 years is started in Palestine towards the British government. Read More

May 7, 1936

Ethiopia is annexed by Italy. Read More

May 9, 1936

Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Italian Somaliland join together, forming Italian East Africa. Read More

May 30, 1936

The first publication of the well-known novel Gone with the Wind, authored by Margaret Mitchell, occurs.
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June 7, 1936

The Matignon Agreement puts an end to the general strikes in France. Read More

June 26, 1936

A flight made by the first working helicopter, the Focke-Wulf Fw 61, occurs. Read More

June 29, 1936

The forming of the United States Maritime Commission occurs. Read More

July 17, 1936

The start of the Spanish Civil War is provoked by a coup d'etat made against the Second Spanish Republic by the Army of Africa.
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August 14, 1936

The last public execution in the United States consisting of the hanging of a black man, Rainey Bethea, for the rape and murder of a white woman was made in Kentucky.
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August 26, 1936

The signing of the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty occurs, ensuring the withdraw of British Troops from Egypt.
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September, 1936

The signing of the Franco-Syrian Treaty of Independence occurs, ensuring Syrian independence from French authority.
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September 10, 1936

The Wembley Stadium in London holds the first World Speedway Championship, which was won by Australian Lionel Van Praag.
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October 29, 1936

The opening of Washington, D.C.'s historic Uptown Theater occurs. Read More

November 2, 1936

The very first high-definition television service is provided by BBC. Read More

November 23, 1936

The first publication of Life Magazine is made. Read More

November 26, 1936

Germany and Japan sign the anti-communist pact, the Anti-Comintern Pact. Read More

November 30, 1936

London's Crystal Palace built in 1851 burns down in a fire. Read More

December 1, 1936

Adolf Hitler makes a new mandate stating that all boys in Germany aged 10-18 must join the Hitler Youth organization.
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December 29, 1936

The Flint Sit-Down Strike is started in Flint, Michigan by the United Auto Workers, eventually leading to the unionization of the automobile industry in the United States.
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