Historical Events For Year 1934

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January 1, 1934

Alcatraz is established as an official federal prison. Read More

January 7, 1934

The first publication of the widely known Flash Gordon comic strip appears in the United States.
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January 20, 1934

FujiFilm photo company is founded in Japan.

January 26, 1934

The signing of the German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact stated to be effective for 10 years occurs between the Germans and the 2nd Polish Republic.
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January 26, 1934

The abolishment of trial by jury is put into effect by an official legal order made by the Republic of Austria.

March 3, 1934

An Indiana prison escape is made by John Dillinger, the infamous bank robber, when he uses a fake wooden pistol as a perceived weapon.
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March 20, 1934

Heinrich Himmler gains control over all German police force. Read More

April 1, 1934

The first prospective photo of the Loch Ness Monster is taken by Surgeon R. K. Wilson. Read More

May 5, 1934

The first short episode of the famous show the Three Stooges, entitled Woman Haters, debuts.
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May 15, 1934

$25,000 is posted as a reward for the capture of John Dillinger by the United States Department of Justice.
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June 12, 1934

Bulgaria prohibits any further participation in political parties. Read More

June 26, 1934

The enactment of the National Firearms Act imposing taxes on making and transferring firearms occurs.
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June 27, 1934

A peace treaty between the Emir of Yemen and ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia is established. Read More

July 1, 1934

The Bureau of Air Commerce is established from the Aeronautics Branch of the United States Department of Commerce.
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July 22, 1934

Infamous bank robber John Dillinger, now known as "Public Enemy No. 1," is shot by FBI agents after attending a film at the Chicago's Biograph Theatre, ultimately leading to his death.
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August 2, 1934

After the death of German President Paul von Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler is established as Führer of Germany.
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August 8, 1934

A loyalty oath to Adolf Hitler is made by the Wehrmacht, or German armed forces.

August 11, 1934

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary receives its first non-military prisoners in San Francisco Bay.
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September 19, 1934

The League of Nations gains the Soviet Union as a member. Read More

September 21, 1934

Osaka, Japan is destroyed by a typhoon that strikes, killing over 3,000 people in Honshu, Japan as well.
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October 16, 1934

The military retreat known as the Long March made by the Communist Party of China's Red Army is initiated.
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October 22, 1934

The American bank robber Charles Arthur Floyd, known as "Pretty Boy" Floyd, is killed by a gunshot wound in an Ohio corn field by FBI agents.
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November 27, 1934

American bank robber Baby Face Nelson is killed in a shootout along with two FBI agents.
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December 27, 1934

Persia transitions into the country of Iran. Read More

December 29, 1934

Japan abandons the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 and the London Naval Treaty of 1930. Read More