Historical Events For Year 1933

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January 5, 1933

The building of San Francisco Bay's famous Golden Gate Bridge starts. Read More

January 11, 1933

Sir Charles Kingsford Smith is pilot to a flight traveling from Australia to New Zealand, the first of which for the purpose of commercial transport.
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January 23, 1933

The 20th Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, changing Inauguration Day from March 4 to January 20 starting in 1937.
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January 30, 1933

German President Paul von Hindenburg announces Germany's newly established Chancellor, Adolf Hitler.
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January 30, 1933

The first airing of the radio show the Lone Ranger occurs in American. Read More

February 15, 1933

An assassination attempt made towards Franklin D. Roosevelt fails, but Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak is injured in the crossfire.
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February 17, 1933

The first publication of the still-present Newsweek Magazine is made in the United States.

February 17, 1933

A proposal for the 21st Amendment to the Constitution is made in the form of the Blaine Act, which is ratified on December 5th, officially ending Prohibition in the U.S.

February 27, 1933

The Reichstag Parliament building in Germany catches fire, the circumstances surrounding this occurrence are questionable.
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March 2, 1933

The original King Kong movie debuts at New York's City's Radio City Music Hall and the Roxy Theatre.
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March 4, 1933

Franklin D. Roosevelt's famous statement, "the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself," is made for the first time.
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March 5, 1933

A "Bank Holiday" is announced by newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt in response to the Great Depression, in which banks are to stay closed and all financial transactions are to be frozen until March 13th.
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March 20, 1933

Construction of the first concentration camp built by the Nazis, Dachau, is complete. Read More

March 23, 1933

Adolf Hitler becomes dictator of Germany by the ratification of the Enabling Act by the German Parliament.
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April 19, 1933

The gold standard is abandoned in the United States. Read More

April 27, 1933

The Nazi party gains the Stahlhelm organization as acquaintances. Read More

May 12, 1933

The United States executes the Agricultural Adjustment Act. Read More

June 6, 1933

A township near Camden, New Jersey is home to the very first drive-in movie theater. Read More

July 6, 1933

Comiskey Park in Chicago is home to the very first Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Read More

August 12, 1933

Winston Churchill speaks for the first time in the issue of the re-armament of Germany and the possible threat that this could ensue.
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October 14, 1933

Participation in the League of Nations and the World Disarmament Conference is withdrawn by Germany after they are denied the ability to expand their defense armaments.
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October 17, 1933

Albert Einstein flees Nazi Germany to the United States where he establishes himself at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton in New Jersey.
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November 8, 1933

The Civil Works Administration is created and announced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as an organization with the intention of creating jobs for a majority of those who are unemployed.
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December 5, 1933

The ratification of the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution occurs, officially ending Prohibition.
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December 26, 1933

A patent for FM radio is made.