Historical Events For Year 1932

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January 8, 1932

The remarriage of previously divorced individuals by the Anglican church is banned by the Archbishop of Canterbury in Britain.

January 12, 1932

The position of a United States Senator is held by a woman, Hattie W. Caraway, for the first time.
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January 28, 1932

The Battle of Shanghai begins between Japan and China. Read More

February 2, 1932

A World Disarmament Conference is held in Geneva to discuss Germany's demand for equal status and France's demand for security.
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February 2, 1932

The League of Nations urges China and Japan to come to an agreement of compromises. Read More

February 22, 1932

The Purple Heart, given to those who are wounded or killed while in the service, is awarded for the first time.
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February 25, 1932

After gaining his German citizenship, Adolf Hitler looks to run for German President in the 1932 elections.
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March 9, 1932

The Irish Free State elects a President of the Executive Council, Éamon de Valera, marking the first alteration of government since it's founding.
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March 18, 1932

China and Japan begin exchanging terms of negotiations to in an attempt to achieve peace.
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April 6, 1932

During the World Disarmament Conference, United States President Herbert Hoover supports the concept of placing limitations on military equipment.
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April 14, 1932

The nucleus of a lithium atom is split in half by a beam of charged particles as demonstrated by John Cockcroft and Ernest Walton.

April 17, 1932

A law in Abyssinia to abolish slavery is declared by Emperor Haile Selassie. Read More

May 6, 1932

General Kurt von Schleicher and Adolf Hitler discuss a plan to overthrow the Brüning government in a private meeting, eventually coming to a "gentlemen's agreement" in which Hitler promised Nazi support in exchange for the lifting of certain bans placed on the Nazi party.
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May 20–21, 1932

A flight made from the United States to Ireland in a little under 15 hours is made by Amelia Earhart.
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June 6, 1932

A 1 cent per gallon tax is placed on gas in the United States as a result of the passing of the Revenue Act of 1932.
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July 30, 1932

The Summer Olympics being held in Los Angeles, California begin. Read More

August, 1932

A rebellion in the Midwest United States is started by a group of farmers. Read More

August 6, 1932

Venice holds its first ever Film Festival. Read More

September 1, 1932

During the negotiations of the World Disarmament Conference, Germany walks out due to the refusal of the other powers to grant them equality.
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October 1, 1932

In the fifth inning of game 3 during the baseball World Series, Babe Ruth hits a home run that became famously known as his "called shot."
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November 21, 1932

Talks of forming a new government begin between the German president, Paul von Hindenburg, and Adolf Hitler.
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November 24, 1932

The FBI Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory is established in Washington D.C. Read More

December 27, 1932

New York City is home of the newly opened Radio City Music Hall. Read More