Historical Events For Year 1931

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January 3, 1931

Albert Einstein and Edwin Hubble, known for his contribution in discovering galaxies outside of the Milky Way, begin doing research together at the California Institute of Technology.
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January 30, 1931

One of the films starring the famous Charlie Chaplin, City Lights, debuts. Read More

February 3, 1931

Napier, New Zealand experiences a 7.9 Richter scale earthquake known as the Hawke's Bay earthquake, leaving most of the city in ruins.
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February 11, 1931

A protest in Germany is made against changes of a protocol limiting heckling by the National Socialist and National Party in a walk-out at the Reichstag.
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February 14, 1931

The original Dracula movie makes its debut for the first time in the United States, starring Bela Lugosi.
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March 1, 1931

In an attempt to break away from the United Kingdom's Labour Party , the New Party is established by Sir Oswald Mosley.
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March 3, 1931

The Star-Spangled Banner is instituted as the National anthem song for the United States.
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March 5, 1931

A pact is made between Mohandas Gandhi and the British viceroy of India, written up and signed as the Gandhi–Irwin Pact.
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March 17, 1931

Gambling is made legal in the state of Nevada. Read More

April 6, 1931

After an attempt was made of a coup d'etat, the government of Portugal proclaims martial law in the areas of Madeira and the Azores.
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April 22, 1931

Spain is recognized as a Republic by most of Europe and the United States. Read More

May 1, 1931

The development of the Empire State Building in New York City is finished. Read More

June 19, 1931

The Hoover Moratorium is initiated in the United States in an attempt to curb a financial meltdown that may be caused by the crisis involving the European banks.
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June 23–July 1, 1931

A flight heading out east from New York is the first of which to be flown in a single-engine airplane going around the world, piloted by Wiley Post and Harold Gatty and only taking 8.5 days.
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July 26, 1931

The well-known Christian denomination known as Jehovah's Witnesses is originated from a millennialist movement in Ohio.
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September 18, 1931

Adolf Hitler's niece, Geli Raubal, dies from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his apartment.
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September 20, 1931

The annexation of the province of Kirin to Japan is declared by the Chinese commander after being held at gunpoint.
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September 22, 1931

The gold standard is renounced by the United Kingdom. Read More

October 17, 1931

After being convicted for tax evasion in Chicago, the notorious gangster Al Capone is sentenced to spend 11 years in prison.
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October 27, 1931

The National Government of the United Kingdom is victorious over the Labour Party after the general election is held, having been the the biggest electoral majority ruling the coutry has ever experienced.
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November 25, 1931

Harold Clayton Urey discovers of what he declares to be Heavy Hydrogen, later to be recognized as the chemical isotope Deuterium.
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December 10, 1931

The Nobel Peace Prize is won by the first women to ever receive the award, Jane Addams. Read More

December 31, 1931

The British Commonwealth of Nations is formed by the Statute of Westminster. Read More