Historical Events For Year 1930

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January 26, 1930

This day is declared as Independence Day by the Indian National Congress. Read More

January 31, 1930

Scotch Tape makes its first appearance, invented by Richard Gurley Drew and marketed by the 3M Company.

February 18, 1930

Clyde Tombaugh announces Pluto's existence after studying photos taken the month before.

March 6, 1930

Springfield, Massachusetts distributes the first Clarence Birdseye frozen foods in stores.

March 12, 1930

Mahatma Gandhi and 80 or so followers start a march towards the sea, protesting the British monopoly on salt.
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March 31, 1930

Strict guidelines are placed on films in regards to sex, crime, religion and violence by the newly instituted Motion Picture Production Code.
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April 18, 1930

The Chittagong armory raid starts a Rebellion in India. Read More

April 19, 1930

The Looney Tunes, Warner Bros. first cartoon series, is released and runs until 1969. Read More

April 21, 1930

The completion of Turkestan–Siberia Railway.

April 22, 1930

The London Naval Treaty is signed by the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States with the intention of regulating submarine warfare and limiting naval shipbuilding.
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May 24, 1930

Amy Johnson finishes her flight from England to Australia as the first woman to make this flight solo.
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June 14, 1930

The United States Department of the Treasury establishes the Bureau of Narcotics. Read More

June 17, 1930

The Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act becomes a law with the signing of President Herbert Hoover.June 17 – The Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act becomes a law with the signing of President Herbert Hoover.
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July 31, 1930

The first airing of radio drama The Shadow occurs in the United States. Read More

August 9, 1930

Cartoon character Betty Boop makes her premiere in Dizzy Dishes. Read More

October 5, 1930

48 people die when a British airship heading to India crashes in France. Read More

October 20, 1930

Jewish immigration is restricted into Mandatory Palestine by the demands made in a British White Paper.
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October 27, 1930

The Washington Naval Treaty made in 1925 is modified by the ratifications made on the London Naval Treaty of this year .
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November 2, 1930

Emperor of Ethiopia is Haile Selassie. Read More

December, 1930

The right to vote in elections is given to adult Turkish women. Read More

December 2, 1930

The start of the Great Depression is marked by the request of $150 million made by President Herbert Hoover toward the United States Congress for programs with the intention of creating jobs and helping the economy.
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