Historical Events For Year 1927

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January 1, 1927

After restrictions were placed on the Catholic Church, the government is attacked by Catholic rebels in what is known as the Mexican Cristero War.
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January 7, 1927

The first telephone call reaching transatlantic distances is made from New York City to London via radio.
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February 23, 1927

Regulations over radio frequencies begin officially being controlled by the U.S. Federal Radio Commission, what is now referred to as the FCC.
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March 11, 1927

The Flatheads Gang commit the first armored car robbery near Pittsburgh. Read More

April 1, 1927

The Department of the Treasury founds the U.S. Bureau of Prohibition. Read More

April 5, 1927

The Trade Disputes and Trade Union Act of 1927 are established in Britain, forbidding strikes of support.
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April 7, 1927

An image of Herbert Hoover becomes the first successful long distance demonstration of television when it is transmitted by the Bell Telephone Co.
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April 12, 1927

The United Kingdom and Ireland are remained by the Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act of 1927 as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Irish Free State is no longer considered part of the Kingdom.
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April 14, 1927

The first production of a Volvo automobile is made available in Gothenburg, Sweden. Read More

April 22–May 5, 1927

The greatest natural disaster in American history in it's time is the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, effecting the lives of 700,000 people.
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May, 1927

The first experimental electronic TV motion pictures is transmitted by American Philo Farnsworth.

May 11, 1927

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is founded, which later is accounted for as the "Academy" in "Academy Awards."
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May 20–May 21, 1927

The first nonstop transatlantic airplane flight is made solo in a single-engined aircraft from New York City to Paris, France by Charles Lindbergh.
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May 24, 1927

Revelations of espionage and underground agitation lead the United Kingdom to cut diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union.
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June 29, 1927

Areas of Wales, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia experience a total eclipse of the sun.
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July 1, 1927

The establishment of the Food, Drug, and Insecticide Administration occurs. Read More

September 18, 1927

What is now know as CBS, the Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System, is founded and goes live with 47 radio stations.
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September 25, 1927

The League of Nations Slavery Commission signs a treaty abolishing all types of slavery.

October 4, 1927

The forming of Mount Rushmore begins in South Dakota. Read More

October 18, 1927

Pan American Airways performs it's first flight, going from Key West, Florida to Havana, Cuba.
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November 12, 1927

The first and last visit to Ceylon is made by Mahatma Gandhi.

November 14, 1927

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania sees the death of 26 people an estimated $4-5 million is caused in damages by the explosion of storage tanks filled with gas.
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December 2, 1927

The Ford Model A is unveiled by the Ford Motor Company as its new automobile after 19 years of production of the Ford Model T.
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December 14, 1927

Iraq declares itself independent from Britain. Read More