Historical Events For Year 1920

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January, 1920

4,025 people are arrested and held without trial in the United States following raids in several cities for being suspected communists and anarchists.
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January 1, 1920

The largest sum ever paid for a baseball player at this time was spent on trading Babe Ruth from the Red Sox for $125,000.
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January 16, 1920

The commencement of Prohibition is marked by the introduction of the 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
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January 19, 1920

Becoming a member of the League of Nations is voted upon by the United States, in which they decide not to.
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February 2, 1920

The Estonian War of Independence is ended by the signing of the Tartu Peace Treaty which recognized Estonian independence.
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February 14, 1920

Chicago is home to the establishment of a civic organization, the League of Women Voters.
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February 19, 1920

The Treaty of Versailles' ratification is refused by the United States Senate. Read More

April 19–26, 1920

A meeting to determine the League of Nations mandates for administration of territories is set up for representatives of Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Japan following the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire at the San Remo conference.
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April 24, 1920

The Red Army in Soviet Ukraine is attacked by the Polish and anti-Soviet Ukrainian troops during the Polish–Soviet War.
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May 2, 1920

Indianapolis, Indiana is home to the first game played by the Negro National League baseball.
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June 13, 1920

A ruling that children may not be sent via parcel post is made by the United States Post Office Department.
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July 12, 1920

Lithuania is recognized as independent by the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic through the Soviet–Lithuanian Peace Treaty.
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August 20, 1920

WWJ is established as an AM commercial radio station, the first of its kind, and is owned by the Detroit News.
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August 26, 1920

Women's suffrage is guaranteed by the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
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September 16, 1920

38 people are killed and 400 are injured when a horse wagon carrying a bomb explodes in front of the J. P. Morgan building in New York City in the Wall Street bombing.
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September 17, 1920

The National Football League, what is commonly referred to as NFL, is founded by the American Professional Football Association.
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September 22, 1920

The Flying Squad, a motorized mobile detective patrol unit, is formed by the London Metropolitan Police.
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September 29, 1920

The United States first domestic radio sets come to stores, costing $10 for a standard Westinghouse radio.
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October 27, 1920

The League of Nations sets up headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Read More

November 2, 1920

The Republican Party wins the first Presidential Election in which women have the right to vote, with Warren G. Harding being elected President of the United States.
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November 15, 1920

The newly founded international organization, the League of Nations, convenes for the first time in Geneva.
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