Historical Events For Year 1919

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January 5, 1919

An attempted communist revolution arises from socialist demonstrations in Berlin, Germany during the Spartacist uprising.
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January 8, 1919

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, died in his sleep at the age of 60, two days before his funeral which is being held at Christ Church Oyster Bay, Long Island.
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January 15, 1919

A storage tank explosion in Boston, Massachusetts results in a sweeping wave of molasses leaving 21 dead and 150 injured in the Boston Molasses Disaster.
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January 16, 1919

The authorization of Prohibition is ratified in the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
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January 25, 1919

The international government organization, the League of Nations, is established at the Paris Peace Conference.
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February 26, 1919

Most of the Grand Canyon as a United States National Park is established by an act of the United States Congress.
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March 9, 1919

The Egyptian Revolution of 1919 begins. Read More

March 21, 1919

Bela Kun establishes the Hungarian Soviet Republic. Read More

March 23, 1919

Benito Mussolini founds his Fascist political movement in Milan, Italy. Read More

April 6–7, 1919

The Soviet Republic of Bavaria is founded as a socialist state during the German Revolution.
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April 12, 1919

Henri Desire Landru, a French serial killer, is arrested. Read More

April 15, 1919

In order to raise money for the relief of German and Austrian children, the Save the Children Fund is created in the UK.
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May 3, 1919

The first passenger flight in America flys from New York to Atlantic City. Read More

May 4, 1919

The League of Red Cross Societies is founded in Paris. Read More

May 6, 1919

The Third Anglo-Afghan War begins. Read More

May 23, 1919

The University of California, initially called Southern Branch of the University of California (SBUC), opens its second campus in Los Angeles.
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June 2, 1919

The 1919 United States anarchist bombings consisted of several mail bombs being sent to prominent figures.
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July 27, 1919

A white man throws stones at a group of four black teens, starting the Chicago Race Riot of 1919.
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August 8, 1919

The Third Anglo-Afghan War ends due to the Treaty of Rawalpindi. Read More

August 19, 1919

Independence from the United Kingdom is granted to Afghanistan. Read More

August 31, 1919

The Communist Party USA, otherwise known as the American Communist Party, is established in America.
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September 10–15, 1919

600 are killed in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida and Texas from the Florida Keys Hurricane.
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September 21, 1919

The Steel strike of 1919 in the United States is started by iron, steel, and tin laborers.
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October 2, 1919

Woodrow Wilson, the President of the United States, suffers a serious stroke that renders him an invalid for the remainder of his life.
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October 28, 1919

The passing of the Volstead Act sets the groundwork for Prohibition to go into effect the next year when the 18th Amendment to U.S. Constitution is made.
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