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The year 1918 marks the end of the First World War. It was a revolutionary year in terms of history, and the events that led up to this revolutionary moment are waiting to be discovered. Along with this information, there were also many other notable events that occurred in 1918 including the beginning of the Finnish Civil War, Moscow becoming the capital of Russia, the establishment of the Independent Czechoslovak Republic, an armistice agreement ending World War I, and much more! Each title is available individually, and all are searchable via an interface that allows users to easily view, search, zoom, print and save digital page images.

Historical Events
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There is no better source of the stories of yesterday, as they were actually told, than Newspaper Archives. Discover your ancestry with records from every world history event and find treasures that simply aren't available anywhere else. Newspaper Archives have preserved essential accounts of your family, famous people and events that shaped this nation for hundreds of years. What will you discover?

January 8, 1918

Woodrow Wilson gives his Fourteen Points speech. Read More

January 25, 1918

Independence from Bolshevik Russia is declared by the Ukrainian People's Republic. Read More

January 27, 1918

The Civil War in Finland starts. Read More

February 16, 1918

A declaration of independence is made against Soviet Russia by Lithuania's Act of Independence as it is ratified by their Council.
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February 24, 1918

Estonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia declare their independence from Russia. Read More

March 12, 1918

Russia's new capital is established as Moscow. Read More

March 19, 1918

Time zones are established by the United States Congress and daylight saving time is approved.
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April 1, 1918

The Royal Air Force is formed by the merging of the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service.
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May 2, 1918

The Chevrolet Motor Company of Delaware is acquired by General Motors. Read More

May 15, 1918

The Finnish Civil War comes to an end. Read More

June‚ÄďAugust, 1918

With over 30 million people dead within 6 months, the "Spanish flu" is officially a pandemic.
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July 13, 1918

The Provisional Government of Czechoslovakia is established. Read More

September 11, 1918

The Boston Red Sox win the 1918 World Series championship against the Chicago Cubs, which was their last World Series win until 2004.
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October 18, 1918

The Independent Czechoslovak Republic is proclaimed by the Washington Declaration. Read More

October 28, 1918

Independence from Austria-Hungary is declared by Czechoslovakia. Read More

November 3, 1918

Independence from Russia is declared by Poland. Read More

November 11, 1918

An armistice agreement with the Allies is signed by Germany between 5:12 AM and 5:20 AM in the Compiegne Forest in France marking the end of World War I.
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November 11, 1918

After 123 years of partitions, Poland finally regains independence and appoints Jozef Pilsudski as Commander-in-Chief.
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November 16, 1918

Hungary's independence from Austria is marked by the declaration of the Hungarian Democratic Republic.
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November 22, 1918

The German Communist Party is founded by the Spartacist League. Read More

December 4, 1918

President Woodrow Wilson becomes the first United States President to travel to a foreign country while still in office when he travels by ship to the Paris Peace Conference.
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