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Historical Events
For Year 1917

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January 22, 1917

President Woodrow Wilson declares that World War I should cease without having an ultimate victor, attempting to put a stop to all war-related violence in what is know as his "Peace without Victory" speech.
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January 25, 1917

San Francisco holds an anti-prostitution drive in which 200 or more prostitution houses are closed by police.
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January 28, 1917

The search for Pancho Villa is ended by the United States. Read More

February 3, 1917

Diplomatic relations with Germany are severed by the United States during World War I. Read More

March 31, 1917

The United States purchase the Danish West Indies from Denmark for $25 million, which later become the US Virgin Islands.
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April 2, 1917

A declaration of war on Germany is requested by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson from the U.S. Congress during World War I.
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April 6, 1917

The United States officially declares war on Germany in World War I. Read More

May 18, 1917

The Selective Service Act, giving the President the power of conscription, passes the United States Congress.
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June 13, 1917

162 are left dead and 432 injured after the first major German bombing raid on London. Read More

June 15, 1917

The Espionage Act is enacted by the United States. Read More

June 29, 1917

The Allies gain Greece on their side during World War I.

July 1, 1917

A race riot in St. Louis, Illinois is the result of labor disputes, ending in the death of 250 people.

July 25, 1917

The first income tax in Canada is introduced as a "temporary" measure by Sir William Thomas White.
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July 28, 1917

The NAACP organizes the Silent Parade in New York City protesting the East St. Louis Riot of July 2 and the lynchings in Tennessee and Texas.
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August, 1917

Oklahoma experiences the Green Corn Rebellion which consisted of an uprising by several hundred farmers against the World War I draft.
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September 14, 1917

The Provisional Government declares Russia a republic. Read More

October 23, 1917

Brazil is encouraged to enter World War I when a German U-Boat destroys a Brazilian ship.
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November 15, 1917

The Parliament of Finland dissolves their 108-year-old union with Russia by declaring itself holder of sovereignty.
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November 20, 1917

The Republic of Ukraine is announced. Read More

November 28, 1917

The Germans are offered peace terms by the Bolsheviks.

December 6, 1917

Independence from Russia is officially declared by Finland.

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