Historical Events For Year 1913

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January 1, 1913

The authority to classify and censor films is given to the British Board of Film Censors.
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January 23, 1913

Ismail Enver comes to power in the 1913 Ottoman coup d'etat. Read More

February 1, 1913

The construction of New York City's Grand Central Terminal is completed and the terminal is reopened as the largest railroad station in the world.
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February 3, 1913

The Federal government is authorized to impose and collect income taxes by the ratification of the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

March 3, 1913

Washington, D.C.'s Woman Suffrage Parade is led on horseback by Inez Milholland. Read More

March 7, 1913

The British freighter Alum Chine explodes at the Baltimore harbor, carrying 343 tons of dynamite.
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March 12, 1913

Canberra begins being built as the new federal capital of Australia.

March 13, 1913

After his self-imposed exile in the United States, Pancho Villa returns to Mexico during the Mexican Revolution.
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March 18, 1913

The assassination of King George I of Greece after 50 years on the throne leads his son, Constantine, to succeed him.
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March 20, 1913

An assassination attempt on a founder of the Chinese nationalist party, Sung Chiao-jen, is made and he dies two days later.

April 5, 1913

The United States Soccer Federation is formed. Read More

April 8, 1913

The passing of the Seventeenth Amendment to the United States Constitution occurs, imposing the direct election of senators.
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May 3, 1913

The first full-length Indian feature film, Raja Harishchandra, is released and marks the beginning of the Indian film industry.
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June 1, 1913

The Second Balkan War is brought upon by the signing of the Greek-Serbian Treaty of Alliance.
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June 18, 1913

Arab nationalists meet to discuss desired reforms under the Ottoman Empire for the opening of the Arab Congress of 1913.

June 19, 1913

Blacks are forbidden from owning or buying land from whites by the Parliament of South Africa.

June 29, 1913

The Second Balkan War begins. Read More

August 4, 1913

The Chinese province of Chungking declares independence and the rebellion is crushed by Chinese Republican forces in a couple of weeks.

August 13, 1913

Harry Brearley invents stainless steel in Sheffield. Read More

October 16, 1913

The first oil-fired battleship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, launches at Portsmouth Dockyard.
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October 19, 1913

The German Life-Saving Society, DLRG, is founded. Read More

October 31, 1913

The first automobile road across the United States is dedicated as the Lincoln Highway. Read More

November 6, 1913

Mohandas Gandhi is arrested for leading a march of Indian miners in South Africa.

November 7–11, 1913

19 ships and more than 250 lives are taken in the Great Lakes Storm of 1913. Read More

December 12, 1913

Vincenzo Perugia is arrested in Florence for attempting to sell the Mona Lisa.

December 23, 1913

Woodrow Wilson's signature of the Federal Reserve Act created the central banking system of the United States, the Federal Reserve System.
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December 30, 1913

The Mona Lisa is returned to France by Italy. Read More