Historical Events For Year 1912

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January 1, 1912

The Republic of China is announced. Read More

January 4, 1912

Throughout the British Commonwealth, the Scout Association is incorporated by Royal Charter.
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January 6, 1912

The 47th state of the United States, New Mexico, is introduced. Read More

January 22, 1912

The first train arrives in Key West after the opening of the Overseas Railroad; the railroad's creator and owner, Henry M. Flagler, is aboard.

January 23, 1912

The Hague signs the International Opium Convention.

February 12, 1912

The abdication of Emperor Puyi brings the Qing Dynasty, also referred to as the Manchu Dynasty, to an end after 268 years in favor of the Republic of China.
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February 14, 1912

The American Frontier comes to an end when the last of the contiguous United States, Arizona, becomes the 48th state.

March 1, 1912

The first parachute jump from an airplane is reportedly made by Albert Berry. Read More

March 5, 1912

Italian forces use airships for the reconnaissance west of Tripoli and Libya, being the first to use them for a military purposes.

March 12, 1912

Juliette Gordon Low founds the Girl Scouts in Savannah, Georgia. Read More

March 27, 1912

To symbolize the friendship between Tokyo and the United States, the Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo has 3,000 cherry trees set up to be planted Washington, D.C. as a gift.

March 30, 1912

The French protectorate of Morocco is established by the French Third Republic. Read More

April 10, 1912

Bound for New York, the White Star liner RMS Titanic departs from Southampton, England. Read More

April 11, 1912

In Ireland, the RMS Titanic makes its last call at Queenstown. Read More

April 14–15, 1912

1517 people are killed when the RMS Titanic strikes an iceberg in the northern Atlantic Ocean and sinks.
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April 20, 1912

The opening of Boston's famous Fenway Park occurs. Read More

April 30, 1912

Universal Studios is founded by Carl Laemmle as the Universal Film and Manufacturing Company in the United States.
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May 5, 1912

Stockholm, Sweden is home to the 1912 Olympic Games. Read More

May 11, 1912

The United States makes Alaska part of U.S. territory. Read More

May 23, 1912

The world's largest ship, the Hamburg America Line's SS Imperator, is launched in Hamburg.
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June 6, 1912

The largest eruption in the 20th century, the Novarupta volcano, has a VEI 6 eruption. Read More

July 1, 1912

The first woman to fly the English Channel, Harriet Quimby, dies two months later in a monoplane crash along with her passenger in Squantum, Massachusetts.

August 21, 1912

First Eagle Scout. Read More

October 14, 1912

An attempted assassination on Theodore Roosevelt is made by John Flammang Schrank. Read More

November 5, 1912

The U.S. presidential election is won by Woodrow Wilson. Read More

November 28, 1912

Independence from the Ottoman Empire is declared by Albania. Read More