Historical Events For Year 1910

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January 10-20, 1910

Los Angeles holds the first U.S. aviation meet, the 1910 Los Angeles International Air Meet at Dominguez Field.
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February 8, 1910

William D. Boyce establishes the Boy Scouts of America organization. Read More

February 20, 1910

The first native-born prime minister of Egypt, Boutros Ghali, is assassinated.

March 10, 1910

Slavery that has existed since the Shang dynasty in China is now illegal. Read More

March 18, 1910

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, what is considered the first horror movie, comes out in it's first filmed version starring Charles Ogle as the monster.

April 20, 1910

Halley's Comet becomes visible from Earth and won't be seen again for 76 years, until 1986.
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May 6, 1910

Upon the death of his father, Edward VII, George V becomes King of the United Kingdom. Read More

May 18, 1910

The earth brushes the tail of Halley's comet. Read More

May 31, 1910

The South Africa Union is created. Read More

June 15, 1910

On its expedition toward the Antarctic, the British Ship "Terra Nova" leaves London. Read More

June 22, 1910

The first commercial passenger flight, the DELAG Zeppelin dirigible, made a nine hour flight from Friedrichshafen to Düsseldorf in Germany.

July 4, 1910

American boxer James J. Jeffries is defeated by African-American boxer Jack Johnson in a heavyweight boxing match which starts an uprising of race riots in the United States.
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July 22, 1910

The identification, arrest, and execution of a murderer, Dr. Hawley Crippen, is made possible because of a wireless telegraph sent from the SS Montrose.
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July 24, 1910

The city of Shkodër is captured by Ottoman forces in order to put down the Albanian Revolt of 1910.
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August 14, 1910

British and French exhibitions are destroyed in a fire at the World Exhibition in Brussels.
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August 22, 1910

The signing of the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty occurs, but only lasts until 1965.

August 28, 1910

Under Nicholas I, Montenegro is proclaimed an independent kingdom. Read More

September 1, 1910

Upon ordination, all priests are to take a compulsory oath against modernism that is introduced by the Vatican.

October 5, 1910

A revolution in Portugal leads to the proclamation of the First Portuguese Republic after King Manuel II of Portugal flees to England.
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October 23, 1910

After the death of his father, King Chulalongkorn, Vajiravudh is crowned King of Siam. Read More

November 7, 1910

Philip Parmalee pilots the first commercial freight flight, delivering between Dayton, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio.

Late December, 1910

More than 40,000 are killed in northeastern China when a form of pneumonic plague spreads.
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