Historical Events For Year 1909

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January 5, 1909

Panama's independence is recognized by Colombia. Read More

January 16, 1909

Claims to have found the magnetic South Pole are made from Ernest Shackleton's expedition but the location recorded may be incorrect.
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January 24, 1909

The first recorded use of the CQD emergency radio signal for a large passenger vessel is used when the White Star Liner RMS Republic sinks the day after it's collision with SS Florida.
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January 28, 1909

After being there since the Spanish–American War of 1898, the last United States troops leave Cuba.
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February 5, 1909

The creation of Bakelite hard thermosetting plastic is announced by Leo Baekeland.

March 10, 1909

The signing of the Anglo-Siamese Treaty occurs in Bangkok, Thailand. Read More

March 31, 1909

Austrian's control over Bosnia and Herzegovina is accepted by Serbia. Read More

April 14, 1909

15,000–30,000 Armenian Christians are killed by Ottoman Turks in the Adana Vilayet during the Adana massacre.

April 18, 1909

The adornment of Joan of Arc occurs in Rome. Read More

April 19, 1909

Modern-day BP, then the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, is incorporated.

April 27, 1909

Mehmed V overthrows and succeeds his brother, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Abdul Hamid II.
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May 13–30, 1909

Luigi Ganna is the winner of the first Giro d'Italia bicycle race that started and finished in Milan.
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June 15, 1909

The Imperial Cricket Conference is formed at Lord's Cricket Ground from a meeting of representatives from England, Australia and South Africa.

July 25, 1909

The first man to fly across a large open body of water, the English Channel, in a heavier-than-air craft is Louis Bleriot.
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July 25–August 2, 1909

A workers' uprising known as "Tragic Week" breaks out in city of Barcelona.

August 2, 1909

A Wright Military Flyer, the world's first military airplane, is purchased by the United States Army Signal Corp Division from the Wright Brothers.

September 4, 1909

The Jiandao/Gando Treaty, giving Japan a way to receive railroad concessions in Manchuria, is signed by Japan and China.
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October 13, 1909

The Germans and Italians get access to the Gotthard Rail Tunne through an agreement made by Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

October 26, 1909

At the Harbin train station in Manchuria, four time Prime Minister of Japan, Ito Hirobumi, and Resident-General of Korea, are assassinated by Ahn Jung-geun.
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November 18, 1909

The United States responds to the execution of 500 revolutionaries in Nicaragua by order of dictator Jose Santos Zelaya by sending 2 warships.

December 17, 1909

Leopold II is succeeded by his nephew, King Albert I of Belgium, on the throne. Read More