Historical Events For Year 1907

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January 6, 1907

Rome is home to the first Montessori school for children in a working class family. Read More

January 14, 1907

More than 1,000 are killed in an earthquake in Kingston, Jamaica. Read More

March, 1907

As many as 11,000 deaths are caused by the 1907 Romanian Peasants' Revolt. Read More

March 15, 16 1907

The new Parliament of Finland holds the first elections in the world with woman candidates, nineteen of which are elected.

March 22, 1907

The operation of the first taxicabs with taxi meters begin in London.

June 15, 1907

The Second Hague Peace Conference opens at The Hague. Read More

June 26, 1907

Forty people are killed during the Tiflis bank robbery when Bolsheviks rob a cash-filled bank coach in the center of Tiflis, Georgia.

July 21, 1907

88 deaths result from a collision off Shelter Cove, California between the SS Columbia and the lumber schooner San Pedro.
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July 24, 1907

Japanese gains a more firm control over the government and military of the protectorate of Korea as a result of the Japan–Korea Treaty of 1907.
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August 1, 9 1907

The first Scout camp is led by Robert Baden-Powell on Brownsea Island, England.

August 29, 1907

76 workers die as a result of the collapse of the Quebec Bridge superstructure, which was only partially completed.
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August 31, 1907

The Great Game in Central Asia is halted by the signing of the Anglo-Russian Entente by Count Alexander Izvolsky and Sir Arthur Nicolson and the Triple Entente is established.
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September 26, 1907

The dominions of New Zealand and Newfoundland are established. Read More

October, 1907

A committee made up of academics including Otto Jespersen, Wilhelm Ostwald and Roland Eötvös of the Delegation for the Adoption of an International Auxiliary Language meet in Paris to select a language for international use, ultimately deciding to reform Esperanto.

October 18, 1907

The 2nd Hague Peace Conference revises the Hague Convention. Read More

October 27, 1907

The consecration of a Catholic church in Hungary results in fifteen people getting shot in what is known as the Cernova incident.
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November 16, 1907

The world's largest and fastest British passenger liner at this date, the RMS Mauretania, sets out on a voyage from England to New York.
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December 6, 1907

362 are killed in a coal mine explosion in the Monongah Mining disaster in Monongah, West Virginia.
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December 8, 1907

Upon the death of his father, Gustaf V succeeds Oscar II as king of Sweden.

December 19, 1907

239 are killed at Jacobs Creek, Pennsylvania from an explosion in a coal mine . Read More

December 21, 1907

Over 2000 are killed at the Santa María School massacre when soldiers in Chile fire at striking mineworkers gathered in the Santa María School in Iquique.
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