Historical Events For Year 1905

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January 1, 1905

After being completed on July 21, 1904, the Trans-Siberian Railway officially opens. Read More

January 2, 1905

At Port Arthur in Qing Dynasty China, the Russian Army surrenders during the Russo-Japanese War.

January 26, 1905

At the Premier Mine in South Africa near Pretoria the Cullinan Diamond is found. Read More

February 12, 1905

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is opened in Christchurch, New Zealand. Read More

February 16, 1905

Two explosions on board HM Submarine A5 take place at Haulbowline Base in Ireland, killing six of the eleven crew due to gasoline fumes after refueling.
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February 23, 1905

The International Rotary Club is established.

March 4, 1905

Theodore Roosevelt begins a full term as President of the United States.

March 20, 1905

A disaster at the Grover Shoe Factory in Brockton, Massachusetts kills 58 and consists of a boiler explosion, building collapse and fire.
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March 31, 1905

The Tangier or First Moroccan Crisis is triggered by the assertion of German equality with France in Morocco by German Emperor Wilhelm II.

May 15, 1905

110 acres of downtown Nevada is purchased in an auction, later becoming Las Vegas. Read More

June 7, 1905

Norway achieves full independence when the Norwegian Parliament declares that the union with Sweden is dissolved.
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June 29, 1905

An association is established in the United Kingdom as the Automobile Association. Read More

August 25, 1905

Neo-druidic rituals are initiated at Stonehenge in England by the Ancient Order of Druids .
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September 5, 1905

The Treaty of Portsmouth is mediated by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and is signed by Japan and Russia over the Russo-Japanese War.
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October 5, 1905

The Wright Brothers' achieve having the first aeroplane flight lasting over half an hour with Wilbur piloting Wright Flyer III, their third aeroplane, and staying in the air for 39 minutes.
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October 16, 1905

94 are killed and over 200 injured during the Russian Revolution of 1905 when the Russian army opens fire on a street market in Tallinn.
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October 20, 1905

Galatasaray SK is founded.

October 26, 1905

The repeal of the union with Norway is agreed upon by Sweden. Read More

October 30, 1905

Russia's first constitution is granted by Tsar Nicholas II and concedes a national assembly with limited powers.
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November 9, 1905

The first general election is held by the Province of Alberta, Canada.

November 28, 1905

Sinn Féin is founded by Irish nationalist Arthur Griffith in Dublin as a political party having the goal of independence for all of Ireland.
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