Historical Events For Year 1900

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January 2, 1900

New York City has the first operational electric bus. Read More

January 2, 1900

The Secretary of the United States, John Hay, publicizes the Open Door Policy which will encourage trade between America and China.
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January 8, 1900

Alaska is placed under military governance by President William McKinley of the United States.

January 14, 1900

The British-German treaty of 1899, in which claims to the American Samoa portion of the Samoan Islands is renounced by the United Kingdom, is accepted by the U.S. Senate.
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January 29, 1900

Eight founding teams organize The American League of Professional Baseball Clubs in Philadelphia.
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February 1, 1900

Refusal to join the Australian Federation was announced by Western Australia unless it receives five more years of fiscal freedom.

February 5, 1900

A treaty for the building of a Central American shipping canal across Central America in Nicaragua is signed by the United Kingdom and the United States.
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February 9, 1900

The Davis Cup tennis tournament is created by Dwight F. Davis.

February 27, 1900

Ramsay MacDonald is appointed as first secretary of the newly formed British Labor Party.

March 6, 1900

At Newgate Prison, baby-farmer Ada Williams is hanged for murdering a 21-month old girl.

March 7, 1900

Part of Buckingham Palace's roof is destroyed from a fire.

March 9, 1900

The right to take part in university entrance exams is insisted upon by Women in Germany.

March 16, 1900

The land on Crete on which the ruins of the palace of Knossos stand is purchased by the British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans who than begins to unearth some of the palace three days later.

March 28, 1900

Over 1,000 tons of waste from demolished buildings is removed in areas affected by an outbreak of the bubonic plague in Sydney, Australia.

March 31, 1900

France enforces new limitations on the length of time a legal workday can be for women and children, making it 11 hours.

April 1, 1900

Queen Victoria forms the Irish Guards. Read More

April 14, 1900

The Paris Exposition Universelle, or World Exhibition, opens as the world fair. Read More

April 30, 1900

Hawaii becomes a member as official territory of the United States.

July 5, 1900

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act is accepted by the British Parliament. Read More

July 19, 1900

The Paris Métro's first line is opened.

July 23, 1900

London holds the First Pan-African Conference. Read More

September 25, 1900

The recently formed Labor Party gains two seats and Winston Churchill is elected to Parliament for the first time In the British general election.

November 3, 1900

New York City's Madison Square Garden holds the first Auto show in the United States. Read More