Historical Events For Year 1895

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February 9, 1895

William G. Morgan invents the game of mintonette, now known as volleyball. Read More

March 1, 1895

The United States appoints William L. Wilson as Postmaster General. Read More

March 30, 1895

The Diesel engine is patented by Rudolf Diesel in Germany. Read More

April 16, 1895

The incorporation of Sturgeon Falls as a town in Ontario, Canada takes place. Read More

April 17, 1895

The First Sino-Japanese War ends upon the signing of the Treaty of Shimonoseki between China and Japan.
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April 22, 1895

The Treaty of Shimonoseki is petitioned by over six hundred candidates and protested against by thousands of citizens during the Gongche Shangshu movement.
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May 24, 1895

The short-lived Republic of Formosa is formed upon the declaration of independence from the Qing dynasty by anti-Japanese officials.
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May 27, 1895

The federal government is given the right to regulate interstate commerce by the United States Supreme Court.
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June 20, 1895

The North Sea is connected to the Baltic upon the opening of the Kiel Canal. Read More

July 31, 1895

Sabino Arana founds the Basque Nationalist Party. Read More

August 29, 1895

A meeting is held among 21 rugby clubs, leading to the creation of the Northern Rugby Football Union and officially turning rugby league football into a sport.
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September 7, 1895

The 1895-96 Northern Rugby Football Union season begins as the first game of rugby league football is played.
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October 23, 1895

The Republic of Formosa is forced to surrender to the Empire of Japan, putting an end the republic and marking the beginning of the era of Japanese rule.
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November 5, 1895

George B. Selden is granted the first patent for an automobile in the United States. Read More

November 8, 1895

A type of radiation is discovered by Wilhelm Röntgen, later becoming known as X-rays. Read More

November 23, 1895

The Chicago Times-Herald sponsors the first ever automobile race in America, the Chicago Times-Herald Race.
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November 25, 1895

The Olympia Theatre is opened by Oscar Hammerstein as the first theatre built in the Times Square district of New York City.
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November 27, 1895

The last will and testament of Alfred Nobel declaring that his estate is to be set aside in order to establish the Nobel Prize is signed by Alfred Nobel in Paris.
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December, 1895

The beginning of the Fourth Anglo-Ashanti War takes place. Read More

December 28, 1895

The first moving picture film by Auguste and Louis Lumière is premiered in Paris. Read More