Historical Events For Year 1888

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January 3, 1888

The Lick Observatory in California uses the 91-centimeter telescope for the first time ever.
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January 13, 1888

The formation of Washington D.C.'s National Geographic Society takes place. Read More

March 8, 1888

The establishment of the Agriculture College of Utah takes place in Logan, Utah. Read More

March 11, 1888

The eastern seaboard of the United States get hits by the Great Blizzard of 1888. Read More

March 15, 1888

An expedition of the British military to expel the Tibetans from northern Sikkim begins, known as the Sikkim Expedition.
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March 16, 1888

The new National Library of Greece lays it's foundation stone in Athens. Read More

March 23, 1888

William McGregor calls a meeting to discuss establishing The Football League in London. Read More

April 11, 1888

The inauguration of Amsterdam's Concertgebouw takes place. Read More

April 21, 1888

The completion and opening of the Texas State Capitol building takes place in Austin, after costing a total of 3 million dollars.
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May 1, 1888

The Fort Belknap Indian Reservation is established by the United States Congress. Read More

May 13, 1888

The last remnants of slavery in Brazil is abolished by the Lei Áurea. Read More

June, 1888

The London matchgirls strike of 1888 is organized by Annie Besant. Read More

June 3, 1888

The establishment of the Kingdom of Sedang takes place in modern-day Vietnam. Read More

June 29, 1888

The first known recording of classical music takes place at The Crystal Palace as Handel's Israel in Egypt is recorded onto wax cylinder.
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June 30, 1888

The opening of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom's laboratory takes place on Plymouth Hoe.
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July 27, 1888

An act permitting bicycles on the road is passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom
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August 5, 1888

The first "long-distance" drive is completed by Bertha Benz, wife of car engineer Karl Benz, driving 40 miles from Mannheim to Pforzheim in a car manufactured by her husband
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August 31, 1888

The body of Mary Ann Nichols, a prostitute considered to be the first victim of Jack the Ripper, is found mutilated in London in what becomes known as the Whitechapel murders.
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September 4, 1888

A patent for a camera using roll film is granted to George Eastman and he registers the trademark Kodak.
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October 1, 1888

The first university in liberated Bulgaria is opened as Sofia University. Read More

October 9, 1888

The opening of Washington D.C.'s Washington Monument takes place. Read More

October 14, 1888

The first motion picture, the Roundhay Garden Scene, is filmed by Louis Le Prince in West Yorkshire, England.
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November 9, 1888

The body of Mary Jane Kelly, a prostitute considered to be the fifth and final victim of Jack the Ripper, is found mutilated in London in what becomes known as the Whitechapel murders.
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