Historical Events For Year 1877

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January 1, 1877

The Royal Titles Act 1876 is introduced by Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli of the United Kingdom, announcing Queen Victoria as the Empress of India.
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March, 1877

The establishment of the Nineteenth Century magazine takes place in London. Read More

March 2, 1877

Rutherford B. Hayes is announced as being the winner of the United States presidential election against opponent Samuel J. Tilden according to the Compromise of 1877.
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March 4, 1877

The microphone is invented by Emile Berliner. Read More

March 4, 1877

The debut of the Swan Lake ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky takes place. Read More

February 28, 1877

The Compromise of 1877 results in the succession of Ulysses S. Grant by Rutherford B. Hayes as President of the United States.
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April 12, 1877

A violation of the Sand River Convention of 1852 takes place as the United Kingdom annexes the South African Republic, resulting in one of the Xhosa Wars.
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April 24, 1877

War is declared on the Ottoman Empire by the Russian Empire during the Russo-Turkish War.
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May 8–11, 1877

Gilmore's Gardens holds the first Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City. Read More

May 21, 1877

A declaration of independence from the Ottoman Empire is made by Mihail Kogalniceanu during a speech given in the Parliament of Romania.
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June 15, 1877

The first United States Military Academy graduate to be African American is Henry Ossian Flipper.
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July 9, 1877

Wimbledon holds the first lawn tennis tournament of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.
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August 11, 1877

The outer moon of Mars, Deimos, is discovered by Asaph Hall. Read More

August 18, 1877

The inner moon of Mars, Phobos, is discovered by Asaph Hall. Read More

September 22, 1877

The Blackfoot First Nations tribes settle on Indian reserves that become southern Alberta upon the conclusion of Treaty 7 between Blackfoot tribes and the Canadian Confederation.
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November 21, 1877

The invention of the phonograph as a machine that can record sound is announced by Thomas Edison.
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November 22, 1877

New York University and Manhattan College compete in the first college lacrosse game. Read More

December 14, 1877

The previous declaration of war against Turkey is restated by Serbia. Read More