Historical Events For Year 1876

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January 1, 1876

The first trademark symbol to be registered is the Bass Brewery Red Triangle. Read More

February 2, 1876

The establishment of the National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs takes place in Chicago, Illinois.
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February 22, 1876

The establishment of Johns Hopkins University takes place in Baltimore, Maryland. Read More

March, 1876

The Dewey Decimal Classification system is published for the first time by librarian Melvil Dewey.
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March 7, 1876

A United States patent is granted to Alexander Graham Bell for an invention he named the "telephone."
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March 10, 1876

The first successful telephone call is made by Alexander Graham Bell. Read More

April 16, 1876

The beginning of the Bulgarian April uprising takes place. Read More

May 1, 1876

The title Empress of India is taken by Queen Victoria. Read More

May 10, 1876

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Centennial Exposition begins. Read More

May 16, 1876

The Berlin Memorandum, a proposition of an armistice between Turkey and its insurgents made by Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary, is rejected by Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli of Britain.
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May 17, 1876

A patent for the four-stroke cycle internal combustion engine is filed by Nikolaus Otto.
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June 4, 1876

The Transcontinental Express leaves New York City on the First Transcontinental Railroad and arrives in San Francisco, California almost 84 hours later.
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July 1, 1876

War is declared on the Ottoman Empire by Serbia, followed by Montenegro the next day. Read More

July 4, 1876

The centennial of the United States is celebrated. Read More

August 1, 1876

The admittance of Colorado as the 38th U.S. state takes place. Read More

August 8, 1876

A patent for the monograph is granted to Thomas Edison. Read More

October 4, 1876

The opening of Texas A&M University takes place. Read More

November 1, 1876

The nine provinces of New Zealand are dissolved and replaced with 63 counties. Read More

November 10, 1876

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Centennial Exposition ends. Read More

November 23, 1876

Politician Boss Tweed of New York City is captured in Spain and delivered to authorities in the United States after having escaped prison the prior year.
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December 5, 1876

Nearly 300 people are killed in the Brooklyn Theater Fire. Read More

December 6, 1876

Francis Julius LeMoyne's crematory holds the first cremation taking place in the United States.
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