Historical Events For Year 1874

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January 1, 1874

The Bronx is annexed by New York. Read More

February 21, 1874

The first issue of the Oakland Daily Tribune is published. Read More

February 23, 1874

Lawn tennis, or "sphairistike," is patented by Walter Clopton Wingfield. Read More

March, 1874

The formation of the Young Men's Hebrew Association takes place in Manhattan. Read More

March 18, 1874

Exclusive trading rights are arranged between Hawaii and the United States upon the signing of a treaty.
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March 18, 1874

The establishment of the Dresden English Football Club takes place as the mainland of Europe's first soccer club.
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May 2, 1874

The Siege of Bilbao during the Third Carlist War is lifted. Read More

May 9, 1874

The city of Bombay debuts the first commercial horse-drawn carriage. Read More

May 20, 1874

A patent for blue jeans with copper rivets is granted to Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. Read More

June 4, 1874

The Estonian Students Society adopts the flag of Estonia in Otepaa. Read More

June 22, 1874

The movement in the United States for osteopathic medicine is started by Andrew Taylor Still.
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July 1, 1874

The establishment of the Universal Postal Union takes place. Read More

July 1, 1874

The first public zoo in the United States opens as the Philadelphia Zoo. Read More

July 24, 1874

The first incandescent lamp with an electric light bulb is patented by Mathew Evans and Henry Woodward.
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October 9, 1874

The General Postal Union is established to coordinate the exchange of international mail by the Treaty of Bern.
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October 19, 1874

The establishment of the modern University of Zagreb takes place. Read More

November 4, 1874

Control of the House of Representatives is gained by the Democrats for the first time in 14 years.
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November 11, 1874

The establishment of the Gamma Phi Beta at Syracuse University takes place as the first Greek letter organization for women to be called a sorority.
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November 25, 1874

The establishment of the United States Greenback Party takes place by financially effected farmers from the Panic of 1873.
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December 1, 1874

A constitution is granted to Iceland and they gain limited home rule from Denmark. Read More