Historical Events For Year 1866

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January 1, 1866

The establishment of Fisk University as a historically black university takes place in Nashville, Tennessee.
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January 1, 1866

The publication of the last issue of The Liberator magazine takes place. Read More

January 12, 1866

The establishment of the Royal Aeronautical Society takes place in London. Read More

February 26, 1866

The discovery of the Calaveras Skull takes place in California, leading to the false belief of evidence of humans in North America during the Pliocene epoch.
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March 13, 1866

The first federal legislation protecting the rights of African-Americans is passed as the Civil Rights Act of 1866 by the United States Congress.
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April 8, 1866

An alliance is formed against the Austrian Empire by the Italian and Prussian kingdoms. Read More

April 10, 1866

Henry Bergh establishes the ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in New York City.
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May 16, 1866

The minting of the nickel coin is approved by the United States Congress, replacing the half dime.
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June 8, 1866

Ottawa holds the first meeting of the Canadian Parliament. Read More

June 11, 1866

The establishment of the Agra High Court takes place. Read More

June 14, 1866

The beginning of the Austro-Prussian War takes place upon the declaration of war on Prussia by the Austrians and the majority of German states.
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June 20, 1866

War on Austria is declared by the Kingdom of Italy. Read More

July 1, 1866

The issuance of the first Constitution of Romania takes place. Read More

July 20, 1866

Carlo di Persano's Italian fleet is defeated by Wilhelm von Tegetthoff's Austrian fleet in the Naval Battle of Lissa.
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July 24, 1866

The first state to be readmitted to the Union after the American Civil War is Tennessee.
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July 25, 1866

A legislation authorizing the rank of General of the Army is passed by the United States Congress and is first awarded to General Ulysses S. Grant.
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July 27, 1866

The transatlantic telegraph cable is successfully placed between Ireland and Newfoundland by the SS Great Eastern.
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July 28, 1866

The standardization of weights and measures is legalized in the United States upon the Metric Act becoming law.
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August 23, 1866

The Austro-Prussian War is ended by the Treaty of Prague. Read More

September 22, 1866

Curupaity is successfully defended against the Triple Alliance by Paraguay in the Paraguayan War.
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October 12, 1866

The war between Austria and Italy ends upon the signing of the Treaty of Vienna, implementing the annexation of Venetia by Italy.
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