Historical Events For Year 1852

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January 14, 1852

A new constitution is proclaimed for the French Second Republic by President Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte.
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January 17, 1852

Transvaal's independence is recognized by the United Kingdom. Read More

February 11, 1852

Bedford Street, London opens the first public toilet for women. Read More

February 15, 1852

The first patient of the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children in London is admitted.
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February 16, 1852

The establishment of the Studebaker Brothers Wagon Company takes place, later becoming a predecessor of the automobile manufacturer.
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February 19, 1852

The establishment of Jefferson College's Phi Kappa Psi fraternity takes place in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.
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March 1, 1852

Earl Archibald Montgomerie of Eglinton becomes the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Read More

March 2, 1852

A test is performed on the first experimental steam fire engine in America. Read More

March 4, 1852

The formation of the Phi Mu sorority takes place in Macon, Georgia. Read More

March 20, 1852

The first publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe takes place in Boston.
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April 1, 1852

The beginning of the Second Anglo-Burmese War takes place. Read More

August 3, 1852

The first intercollegiate athletic event in America takes place as Yale and Harvard compete in a Boat Race.
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November 2, 1852

Franklin Pierce wins the presidential election against opponent Winfield Scott. Read More

November 4, 1852

The Prime Minister of Piedmont is announced as Count Cavour. Read More

November 11, 1852

The opening of London's new Palace of Westminster takes place. Read More

December, 1852

A railroad from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Egypt, North Carolina is chartered to be built by the Western Railroad.
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December 2, 1852

France announces its Emperor as being Napoleon III. Read More

December 4, 1852

Laghouat is captured by the French. Read More