Historical Events For Year 1850

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January 29, 1850

The Compromise of 1850 is presented by Henry Clay to the Congress of the United States. Read More

February 28, 1850

The opening of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City takes place. Read More

March 5, 1850

The Britannia Bridge opens over the Menai Strait. Read More

March 7, 1850

The "Seventh of March" speech is given by Senator Daniel Webster of the United States, endorsing the Compromise of 1850 in and attempt to prevent a civil war.
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March 16, 1850

Publication of the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne begins. Read More

March 19, 1850

Henry Wells and William Fargo found American Express. Read More

April 4, 1850

The incorporation of Los Angeles as a city in California takes place. Read More

April 15, 1850

The incorporation of San Francisco as a city in California takes place. Read More

April 19, 1850

The sharing of Nicaragua and the Nicaragua Canal by the United States and Great Britain is agreed upon with the signing of the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty.
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May 25, 1850

The arrival of Obaysch the hippopotamus to the London Zoo takes place, being the first hippopotamus to be seen in Europe since Roman times.
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June 1, 1850

Austria begins issuing a series of imperforate typographed stamps featuring the coat of arms as it's postage stamps.
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July 9, 1850

Upon the death of President Zachary Taylor, Vice President Millard Fillmore is appointed as the 13th President of the United States.
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September 9, 1850

The admittance of California as the 31st U.S. state takes place. Read More

September 9, 1850

The United States Congress orders the organization of the New Mexico Territory. Read More

September 13, 1850

The highest summit in the eastern Alps, Piz Bernina, is ascended for the first time. Read More

September 18, 1850

The United States Congress passes the Fugitive Slave Law. Read More

September 29, 1850

Pope Pius IX and future Pope Pius X re-establish the Catholic hierarchy in England and Wales.
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October 1, 1850

The establishment of the oldest university in Australia, the University of Sydney, takes place.
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October 19, 1850

The University of Pennsylvania's Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity is established.
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November, 1850

Fighting between the Imperialist militia and the Heavenly Army marks the beginning of the Taiping Rebellion.
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