Historical Events For Year 1849

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January 1, 1849

France's first postage stamp, the Ceres, is issued. Read More

January 23, 1849

Elizabeth Blackwell becomes the first female doctor in the United States upon obtaining her M.D. from Geneva, New York's Medical Institute.
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February 1, 1849

The enactment of the Importation Act of 1846 implements the Abolition of the Corn Laws by the United Kingdom.
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February 8, 1849

The proclamation of the new Roman Republic takes place. Read More

February 14, 1849

President James Polk of the United States has his photograph taken in New York City, becoming the first President to do so.
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March 3, 1849

The incorporation of the Census Office, General Land Office, Office of Indian Affairs, and Patent and Trademark Office takes place upon the establishment of the United States Department of the Interior.
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March 3, 1849

The declaration of Minnesota as an United States territory takes place. Read More

March 3, 1849

The passing of the Gold Coinage Act by the United States Congress takes place, allowing the minting of gold coins.
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March 5, 1849

The oath of office is taken by the 12th President of the United States, Zachary Taylor. Read More

March 29, 1849

Punjab is annexed by the United Kingdom. Read More

April 1, 1849

Austrian troops put an end to the insurrection in Brescia. Read More

April 2, 1849

The end of the German Revolutions of 1848 take place with no success. Read More

April 14, 1849

Independence from Austria is declared by Hungary. Read More

April 25, 1849

The signing of the Rebellion Losses Bill by Governor General James Bruce of Canada takes place, marking the beginning of the Montreal Riots.
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May, 1849

The end of the Second Carlist War in Spain takes place. Read More

May 3, 1849

The beginning of Dresden's May Uprising takes place, the last uprising of which to take place during the German Revolutions of 1848.
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May 15, 1849

The republican government of Sicily is crushed and Palermo is overtaken by troops of the Two Sicilies.
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May 17, 1849

Most of the city of St. Louis is burnt down when a steamboat catches fire and starts the St. Louis Fire.
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June 5, 1849

The announcement of Denmark becoming a constitutional monarchy takes place. Read More

June 6, 1849

The establishment of Fort Worth, Texas takes place. Read More

July 6, 1849

The end of the Prussian-Danish War is brought about by the defeat of the Prussian army by the Danish at Fredericia, Jutland.
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August 8, 1849

The Hungarian rebellion is stopped by Austria with the help of Russia. Read More

September 1, 1849

The portion of the Pennsylvania Railroad going from Lewiston to Harrisburg opens as the first segment of the Railroad.
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November, 1849

A charter is granted to the Austin College in Huntsville, Texas. Read More

November 13, 1849

A general election results in the ratification of the Constitution of California. Read More