Historical Events For Year 1846

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January 5, 1846

The vote is made by the United States House of Representatives in which the Oregon Territory will no longer be shared with the United Kingdom.
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February 10, 1846

The British win the Battle of Sobraon during the First Anglo-Sikh War. Read More

February 14, 1846

The Republic of Texas is annexed by President James Polk of the United States. Read More

February 18, 1846

The Galician peasant revolt begins. Read More

February 19, 1846

The official installation of the Texas state government takes place in Austin. Read More

February 26, 1846

The cracking of the Liberty Bell takes place upon it being rung for George Washington's birthday.
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March 9, 1846

The Treaty of Lahore is signed, marking the end of the First Anglo-Sikh War. Read More

May 13, 1846

War on Mexico is declared by the United States, marking the beginning of the Mexican-American War.
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May 16, 1846

The beginning of the Portuguese revolutionary insurrection takes place. Read More

June 10, 1846

Independence from Mexico is declared by the California Republic during the Mexican-American War.
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June 14, 1846

A rebellion against Mexico is started by Sonoma, California settlers and the California Republic is proclaimed during the Bear Flag Revolt.
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June 15, 1846

The 49th parallel is established as the border separating the United States and Canada by the Oregon Treaty.
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June 15, 1846

The opening of the Launceston Church Grammar School in Tasmania takes place. Read More

June 16, 1846

Pope Gregory XVI is succeeded by Pope Pius IX as the 255th pope. Read More

June 28, 1846

Adolphe Sax patents the Saxophone. Read More

July 7, 1846

The annexation of California by the United States begins upon the occupation of Monterey and Yerba Buena by John Drake Sloat and his troops during the Battle of Monterey.
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August 22, 1846

The establishment of the Second Federal Republic of Mexico takes place. Read More

September, 1846

The beginning of the Second Carlist War takes place in Spain. Read More

September 10, 1846

The first patent is awarded to Elias Howe for a lockstitch design sewing machine. Read More

September 23, 1846

Johann Gottfried Galle and Heinrich Louis d'Arrest observe Neptune for the first time. Read More

October 1, 1846

The opening of Christ College in Tasmania takes place. Read More

December 28, 1846

The admittance of Iowa as the 29th U.S. state takes place. Read More