Historical Events For Year 1844

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January 15, 1844

A charter is granted to the University of Notre Dame by Indiana. Read More

February 27, 1844

Independence from Haiti is declared by the Dominican Republic. Read More

March 8, 1844

Upon the death of Charles XVI John of Sweden-Norway, his son King Oscar I ascends to the throne.
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March 12, 1844

The Columbus and Xenia Railroad is granted a charter as the first railroad to be built in Ohio.
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March 21, 1844

The beginning of the Bahá'í calendar takes place. Read More

April, 1844

London's Fleet Prison for debtors closes. Read More

May 1, 1844

The establishment of Asia's first modern police force, the Hong Kong Police Force, takes place.
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May 24, 1844

Samuel Morse sends the first electrical telegram using the telegraph from Washington, D.C. to Maryland.
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June–July, 1844

The Missouri and Mississippi Rivers are hit by the Great Flood of 1844. Read More

June 6, 1844

The establishment of the Young Men's Christian Association by George Williams takes place in London.
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June 15, 1844

Vulcanization is patented by Charles Goodyear as a process of strengthening rubber. Read More

June 22, 1844

The establishment of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity takes place at Yale University. Read More

June 27, 1844

The murder of founder Joseph Smith, Jr. of the Latter Day Saint movement and his brother Hyrum takes place in Carthage, Illinois by a mob.
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July 3, 1844

The signing of the Treaty of Wanghia takes place between the United States and the Chinese Government as the first diplomatic agreement between the two.
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July 3, 1844

The killing of the last pair of Great Auks takes place on the Icelandic island of Eldey.
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August 28, 1844

A meeting between Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx takes place in Paris, France. Read More

September 25– 27, 1844

An international cricket match between the United States and Canadian Provinces is played as the first ever game of this nature.
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October 22, 1844

The Great Disappointment occurs as the predicted Second Coming of Jesus by the Millerites does not occur.
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November 3, 1844

The premiere of Giuseppe Verdi's I due Foscari at Teatro Argentina in Rome takes place. Read More

November 6, 1844

The first constitution of the Dominican Republic is drafted. Read More

December 4, 1844

James K. Polk wins the United States Presidential election against Henry Clay. Read More

December 21, 1844

Business of the Rochdale Pioneers is commenced in Rochdale, England. Read More