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Our archive holds the most notable events from the year 1838, including the declaration of independence from the Federal Republic of Central America by Nicaragua, the United Kingdom demanding universal suffrage upon the creation of the People's Charter, the occurrence of the Trail of Tears, the coronation of Queen Victoria taking place at Westminster Abbey in London, the Boers winning the Battle of Blood River against the Zulus, and so much more! Each title is available individually, and all are searchable via an interface that allows users to easily view, search, zoom, print and save digital page images.

Historical Events
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January 10, 1838

Londons Lloyd's Coffee House and the Royal Exchange are destroyed by a fire. Read More

April 4–22, 1838

The SS Sirius paddle steamer crosses the transatlantic from Cork, Ireland to New York in eighteen days.
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April 8–23, 1838

A regular steamship service is inaugurated as the SS Great Western paddle steamer crosses the transatlantic in fifteen days.
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April 30, 1838

Independence from the Federal Republic of Central America is declared by Nicaragua. Read More

May, 1838

Universal suffrage is demanded in the United Kingdom upon the creation of the People's Charter.
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May, 1838

An investigation is started by Lord Durham regarding the cause of the Upper Canadian rebellion in 1837, leading to the submission of the Durham Report to Britain.
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May, 1838

A campaign for Yucatan's independence from Mexico is started after an insurrection breaks out in Tizimin.
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May 26, 1838

The Trail of Tears takes place in the United States in which the Cherokee Nation is forced to relocate.
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May 28, 1838

The swearing in of Braulio Carrillo for his second term as Head of State of Costa Rica takes place.
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June 10, 1838

The Myall Creek massacre takes place in which 28 Indigenous Australians are killed. Read More

June 28, 1838

Queen Victoria's coronation is held at Westminster Abbey in London. Read More

September 7, 1838

Thirteen survivors are rescued from the Forfarshire off the Farne Islands by Grace Darling and her father.
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October 1, 1838

The Battle of Maella in the First Carlist War is won by Count Infante Carlos of Molin's supporters.
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November 3, 1838

The establishment of the Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce takes place. Read More

December, 1838

French forces invade Mexico during the Pastry War. Read More

December 16, 1838

The Battle of Blood River is won by the Boers as they fight the Zulus. Read More

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