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Historical Events
For Year 1828

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January 4, 1828

The succession of the Comte de Villèle by the Vicomte de Martignac as French Prime Minister takes place.
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January 22, 1828

The succession of Lord Goderich by the Duke of Wellington as the United Kingdom's Prime Minister takes place.
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February 22, 1828

Eastern Armenia is overtaken from Persia by Russia according to the Treaty of Turkmenchay.
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April 11, 1828

The establishment of Bahía Blanca takes place. Read More

April 26, 1828

Diplomatic relations are established between Brazil and Denmark upon the signing of the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation.
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May 26, 1828

The discovery of Kaspar Hauser as a Feral child takes place in Nuremberg, Germany. Read More

June 3, 1828

War on Peru is declared by President Simón Bolívar. Read More

June 23, 1828

The Liberal Wars in Portugal begin upon the overthrow of Queen Maria II by her uncle King Miguel I.
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August 11, 1828

The hanging of William Corder takes place at Bury St. Edmunds, England after murdering Maria Marten a year prior.
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August 27, 1828

Uruguay's independence is recognized by Brazil and Argentina and dictator of Gran Colombia is named Simón Bolívar.
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September 29, 1828

The Russian Army overtakes Varna during the Russo-Turkish War. Read More

October 26, 1828

The only known specimen of Parabouchetia brasiliensis is collected by William John Burchell in central Brazil.
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November 11, 1828

The creation of a self-governing Greek state under the Ottoman empire is implemented under the London Protocol during the Greek War of Independence.
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November 12, 1828

The annexation of the Kingdom of Vientiane by Siam and the overthrow of King Anouvong takes place.
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December 1, 1828

The Argentine Civil War is reignited upon the overthrow of the provincial governor Manuel Dorrego by Juan Lavalle and his troops.
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December 3, 1828

United States Presidency is won by Andrew Jackson. Read More

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