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Historical Events

Explore Historical Events in 1825 through Old Newspaper Archives

Newspapers serve as a primary source of information, being irreplaceable for the hundreds of years of history they account for. Through our archive, you can search through many years for important information, including the year 1825. Many important moments happened in 1825, including the election of John Quincy Adams as President of the United States, the establishment of the American Unitarian Association, the establishment of the British and Foreign Unitarian Association, the opening of the Erie Canal, the beginning of the Decembrist Revolt by officers of the Imperial Russian Army, and so much more! Each title is available individually, and all are searchable via an interface that allows users to easily view, search, zoom, print and save digital page images.

Historical Events
For Year 1825

There is no better source of the stories of yesterday, as they were actually told, than Newspaper Archives. Discover your ancestry with records from every world history event and find treasures that simply aren't available anywhere else. Newspaper Archives have preserved essential accounts of your family, famous people and events that shaped this nation for hundreds of years. What will you discover?

January 4, 1825

Francis I of the Two Sicilies succeeds his father King Ferdinand I. Read More

February 9, 1825

John Quincy Adams is elected President of the United States by the U.S. House of Representatives after none of the candidates receives the majority of electoral votes.
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February 10, 1825

The title of dictator of Peru is replaced with the title of El Libertador by Simón Bolívar.
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February 12, 1825

The United States government gains the last of the Creek's lands in Georgia according to the Second Treaty of Indian Springs.
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March 1, 1825

A fire destroys the British East Indiaman Kent in the Bay of Biscay. Read More

March 4, 1825

James Monroe is succeeded by John Quincy Adams as President of the United States. Read More

April 17, 1825

Twenty-one years after Haiti expelled the French, it is recognized by Charles X of France, demanding 150 million gold francs as payment.
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May 26, 1825

The establishment of the American Unitarian Association and the British and Foreign Unitarian Association takes place.
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July 18, 1825

The sucession from Brazil by Uruguay takes place. Read More

July 30, 1825

The discovery of Malden Island in the central Pacific Ocean takes place. Read More

August 6, 1825

Independence of Bolivia is obtained from Spain. Read More

September, 1825

Members of St John's College in Cambridge establish the Lady Margaret Boat Club. Read More

September 25, 1825

The first major action of the Java War is taken as the siege of Jogjakarta is lifted by General Hendrik Merkus de Kock.
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September 27, 1825

The opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway as the world's first modern railway takes place.
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October 7, 1825

The breakout of the Miramichi Forest Fire in New Brunswick, Canada takes place. Read More

October 21, 1825

The sinking of the PS Comet II off Gourock, Scotland takes place. Read More

October 26, 1825

The opening of the Erie Canal from Albany to Buffalo, New York and Lake Erie takes place.
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December 1, 1825

Alexander I is succeeded by his younger brother Nicholas I of Russia. Read More

December 26, 1825

The Decembrist Revolt is staged against Nicholas's accession in Saint Petersburg by officers of the Imperial Russian Army.
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