Historical Events For Year 1820

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January 1, 1820

The Spanish Parliament is summoned upon a constitutionalist military insurrection taking place in Cádiz during the Trienio Liberal in Spain.
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January 20, 1820

The founding of Indiana University Bloomington as the Indiana State Seminary takes place.
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January 29, 1820

The period of the British Regency ends upon the ascension of George IV to the throne of the United Kingdom.
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February 6, 1820

Valdivia is occupied by Lord Cochrane in the name of the Republic of Chile. Read More

February 23, 1820

The Cato Street Conspiracy, in which a murder plot was to be made against the Cabinet of the United Kingdom, is exposed.
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March 3, 1820

Missouri is admitted as an official states of the United States upon the Missouri Compromise becoming law.
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March 9, 1820

The beginning of the Trienio Liberal in Spain takes place upon the acceptance of the new constitution by King Ferdinand VII.
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March 15, 1820

The admission of Maine as the 23rd U.S. state takes place. Read More

April, 1820

The relationship between electricity and magnetism is discovered by Hans Christian Ørsted.
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April 1, 1820

The "Radical War" begins in Scotland upon the signing of a proclamation forming a Provisional Government.
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May 1, 1820

The Cato Street conspirators are the last to be hung, drawn, and quartered in Britain for treason.
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July, 1820

Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies is forced to sign a constitution modeled on the Spanish Constitution of 1812 upon a revolt led by Guglielmo Pepe.
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July 20, 1820

The Bray Male School in Ireland opens, later becoming Saint Cronan's Boys' National School.
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July 26, 1820

The Union Chain Bridge designed by Captain Samuel Brown opens across the River Tweed between England and Scotland as the longest vehicular bridge to date.
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August 24, 1820

The break out of a constitutionalist insurrection takes place in Oporto, Portugal. Read More

September 15, 1820

A revolution against John VI of Portugal breaks out in Lisbon. Read More

Oct 25 - Nov 20, 1820

A convention between the leaders of Russia, Austria and Prussia takes place as the Congress of Troppau.
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December 3, 1820

The re-election of James Monroe as President of the United States takes place. Read More

December 20, 1820

The incorporation of Tuscumbia, Alabama, takes place. Read More