Historical Events For Year 1815

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January 8, 1815

British invaders are defeated by Andrew Jackson's American forces during the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812, the last major battle of the war.
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February, 1815

Washington, D.C. receives the Hartford Convention. Read More

February 3, 1815

The founding of Switzerland's first cheese factory producing cheese commercially takes place.
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February 6, 1815

John Stevens receives the first railroad charter in granted in the United States from New Jersey.
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February 18, 1815

The official end of the war between the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, known as the War of 1812, takes place.
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March 2 - 18, 1815

Ceylon becomes a British colony upon the deposition of the King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha of Ceylon as the last king according to the Kandyan Convention.
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March 3, 1815

Mutua Fides opens as the first fraternity held by the Vindicat atque Polit, the first student association in the Netherlands.
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March 15, 1815

The beginning of the Neapolitan War takes place as war on Austria is declared by King Joachim Murat of Naples in an attempt to preserve his throne.
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March 20, 1815

An escape from exile on the island of Elba is made by Napoleon as he enters into Paris with an army of 340,000 soldiers and volunteers, marking the beginning of his "Hundred Days" rule.
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April 23, 1815

The Ottoman Empire experiences it's Second Serbian Uprising in Takovo, Serbia, implementing the beginning of Serbia being acknowledged as a semi-independent state.
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May 3, 1815

The end of the Neapolitan War come about upon the Kingdom of Naples being defeated by Austria during the Battle of Tolentino.
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June 9, 1815

The signing of the Final Act of Congress of Vienna establishes a new political situation in Europe, creating the German Confederation and Congress Poland and ensuring Switzerland's neutrality.
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June 15, 1815

The Duchess of Richmond holds "the most famous ball in history" in Brussels. Read More

June 18, 1815

Napoleon is defeated by the Duke of Wellington during the Battle of Waterloo. Read More

June 22, 1815

The abdication of Napoleon takes place again, marking the two week rule of four-year-old Napoleon II.
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July 15, 1815

Royal Navy Captain Frederick Lewis Maitland forces the surrender of Napoleon after he boards the HMS Bellerophon.
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September, 1815

A Holy Alliance is signed between Austria, Prussia, and Russia in an attempt to uphold the status quo of Europe.
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October 3, 1815

Chassigny, Haute-Marne, France experiences the falling of the Chassigny Martian meteorite.
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October 15, 1815

Napoleon's exile on Saint Helena begins. Read More

November 3, 1815

The coal mining safety lamp invented by Sir Humphry Davy is announced as the Davy lamp. Read More

November 5, 1815

The protection of the Ionian Islands by the British is instilled upon the Islands becoming a British protectorate.
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December 25, 1815

The first performance given by America's oldest arts organization still existing, the Handel and Haydn Society, takes place in Boston.
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